Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yankee Haters

As much of a huge Yankees fan I am, I also love Yankee haters. I love to hear them lose their minds to the point of irrationale, and I even understand it. I've been yammering that someone should do a documentary (hosted by of course Leiv Shrieber) about the culture of the true Yankee hater, and I think I would start with the King of All Yankee Haters at what surely is a Top 10 Yankee hater's day, the day after the Yankees tanked it against the Tigers last year. Mad Dog, killin me. And ooooh, creepy picking on the soon to be dead Cory Lidle!


The Know-All said...

seriously, how gay is that intro song? and are you watching M & TMD on line now, on top of on real TV? Whoa.

Xmastime said...

on tv, online, radio, looking them up on Wikipedia, hittin the microfiche, I'M SICk!!!! addicted!!! im begging for help!!!!!!!!!!!!!