Friday, June 09, 2023

This Guy Wins 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Cover Deez Nuts

Moi ICI:

No one was better at covers than the Ramones. The first time I tried to get permission to go to a Ramones show, my parents, who had been born in 1576, said "hellz no." A few days later I brought my mother a cassette I had made of all the old songs The Ramones had covered, including Let's Dance, California Sun, Do You Wanna Dance, Needles & Pins, Baby I Love You, Little Bit of Soul, Indian Giver and Palisades Park. This led to my mother thinking "oh, it's an oldies group, great!" and allowing me to go.

When I first heard The Ramones' version of California Sun as a 14 year-old I'd already known the original, which I thought of as a super-moldy-golden-oldie, from The Dark Ages. The Ramones' version came out in 1977 and The Rivieras' came out in 1960, meaning that for a band to do the same today it'd be with a song first released in...2006. I mean dafuck, the perception of time is a crazy thing, people.

Questions. I Have Them.

Is Valerie Malone the greatest example of "tv character everybody else absolutely hates and considers to be the actual devil that is out to ruin their lives but still gets invited to all the dinner parties & cookouts"?

Byyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee James Watt

Former Secretary of the Interior & general asshole James Watt is dead, which I don't really care about other than it's an excuse to mention the best band to ever come out of Richmond, Va.


I'm sorry. The regatta is for families. See the kids in miniature life-jackets all blown up like rubber bath toys? See the parents hanging onto a pudgy arm lest a sudden gust capture their balloon child and send them surfing to the trees? It's for families, not for us.

This is Pretty Great Advice

Slice du Jour

This song by The Gants - from Greenwood, MS (what?!?!) in 1964, fell into my lap last week via Spotify and I can't stop listening to it; it's the perfect distillation of The Troggs if they ripped off In My Life. Also, if I knew about this song back in my mix tape days this one woulda been on Side 1 each time, every time. Enjoy - and you're welcome, Earf!


I Am Not Made of Stone, People

Ideas. I Have Them.

Someone super-rich needs to play the greatest practical joke in the world by staging it so that like 30 people show up for a Springsteen show.


Two Great Questions.

Ugh Please Dear God Let This Be the Last Bit About Trump On Here Today

So the same people who are screaming that the DOJ is only indicting Trump for political reasons are also screaming that they shouldn't indict him because he's the leading candidate of his political party? do i have that right?


GOLD TV (which we can't get in America and you know that drives me fucking bananas) has been celebrating the 40th anniversary of the beyond-classic Blackadder, and here's the brilliant Rik Mayall's first cameo as Lord Flashheart. Word on the street, and by that I mean something I may have thought I saw maybe on Wikipedia one time, is that Rowan Atkinson asked Richard Curtis and Ben Elton to not write him too many lines for the scene so he could focus on not cracking up the whole time. #ripRikMayall

EGG FOO WHAT?! Challenge

I challenged Mike Lisk to the Hot Podcaster Summer challenge. Will he accept? 🤔🤷‍♂️  #eggfoowhat

Current Events

It's easy to celebrate Trump's indictment - which I'm guessing will end up nowhere anyway - but the only reason any of this has happened is because tens of millions of Americans decided they wanted Stillwell from A League of Their Own to be president so they could "stick it to the libs!", and so here we are.

Thursday, June 08, 2023

WOWZA du Jour.

Thanks to my all-time favorite podcast LET IT ROLL, today I learned that the very first James Bond film and the very first Beatles record were released on the exact same day, October 5, 1962:

Host Nate Wilcox welcomes author John Higgs to discuss his book "Love and Let Die: James Bond, The Beatles, and the British Psyche." It's an in-depth cultural analysis that compares and contrasts 007 with the greatest rock band in history.
Two of the most incredibly iconic British touchstones in history and the same damn day??!!?

In America.

Yeah But Why That Angle? #abbeyroad

Questions. I Have Them.

Would Marjorie Taylor Greene's "Jewish Space Laser" theory about wildfires be taken more seriously if she waited for this round of fires?

State du Moi

Even as I get older a group of rowdy teenagers on the Metro don't scare me like it does some people but this afternoon I saw one of them look over my shoulder and when I realized he could see I was listening to Simon & Garfunkel it did occur to me that I should probably start being scared.

To the Rather Buxom Woman at the Metro Platform This Afternoon

I promise you I wasn't staring at your tits and I was just trying to see the name of the restaurant on the box of pizza you were holding up.

I'll Say This.

I love the argument that gee back in the heyday of Looney Tunes cartoons on tv all the time how come kids weren’t going around killing each other like everybody is today with guns and I’m like hey buddy if we were constantly surrounded by fully lit sticks of dynamite everywhere we turned I’m sure we woulda put up some goddam numbers too.

OMG Have I Finally Found Another American Who Knows OFAH!?!?!?!?!!?

Thoughts On Current Events. I Have Them.

I mean I'm sorry for your crazy wildfires Canada but maybe you should've listened when Trump tried to explain to everybody how rakes work? 🤔🤷‍♂️

EGG FOO WHAT?! Episode 49

Mike has seen every music doc ever, Greg continues re-inventing food & Mike better not be teasing Greg about a possible Beverly Hills 90210 watch party. All that & more here!