Friday, March 05, 2021

This. Is. Brilliant.


Fascinating du Jour

I've stumbled onto an old British series, How We Used to Live:

How We Used to Live was a long-running British educational history television series, produced for most of its run by Yorkshire Television. The series, encompassing drama and documentary, remained in sporadic production from 1968 to 2002, airing on ITV and Channel 4.

Written by Freda Kelsall, the series traced the lives and fortunes of various fictional Yorkshire families from the Victorian era until the early 1970s, in and around the fictional town of Bradley, using self-contained short dramas interspersed with archive footage.

Very Funny, But At Least Elvis Could Still Sing.


Hey, Does This Make Me Better Than You OF COURSE THIS MAKES ME BETTER THAN YOU!!!

1974 Hoops

Obviously I knew about David Thompson's 1974 NC State team beating Walton's UCLA squad  - I am nothing, after all, if not a learned man - but I never realized his:

N.C. State erased an 11-point deficit midway through the second half and a seven-point deficit in the second extra session.

Down by 11! And then 7 in overtime to the single greatest team juggernaut in college sports history and they WON?!??!?!!? Wow.

Enjoy previous Xmastime thoughts on The Mystery of David Thompson.

You can also watch the whole game here YOU'RE WELCOME, EARTH!

OFAH du Jour

UPDATE: Still Working On It.


In this week's Peanuts article, guy writes about the surprising use of Snoopy & guns:

Ummm...who cares about the gun, are we all supposed to pretend we don't see Charlie Brown and that fucking lunatic Linus in bed together? We're okay with this? That makes me sad! See: :(

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Stand With Me For Freedom, People!!

WOW guys the woke left wants to cancel this book because it uses the "N-word" on every page! Let's all buy millions of copies to stick it to the libs!!!!! 

HEAR! HEAR! (Or is it here! here!?)


Maybe NYC Really Has Changed Since the '70s


"You're welcome, son...and as per usual, don't tell Mom."

Quick Thoughts on the Top 50 NCAA Teams List I Posted Earlier

10. Georgetown ’85 - not sure why you’d pick the team with an iconic loss over the year before when they mauled the best team never to win a title?

9. San Francisco ’56 – Undefeated, Bill Russell, repeat champs, sure.

8. UNLV '91 – why this team which lost to Duke and not the year before when they obliterated Duke? And were the exact same team?

7. Kentucky ’12 – Rode Anthony Davis to the title but is this really the 7th-greatest team of all time? Is it even better than their ’96 team?

6. UCLA ’67 – to be honest all these UCLA teams blend together for me, tough to argue one way or the other.

5. NC State ’74 – great team, won the greatest game of all time and ended the UCLA dynasty, and David Thompson. Not sure they should be this high but okay.

4. UNC ’82 – does this get some Jordan NBA Lift Effect? Should they really be this high when it took one of the greatest gaffes of all time to beat Georgetown?

3. Duke ’92 – no complaints, pretty much the ’91 team, which you could say belongs here, but with another year of experience.

2. Indiana ’76 – can’t argue with 32-0, though I kinda turn my nose up at plodding Big East teams. UPDATE: I stand corrected, they averaged 82.1ppg.

1. UCLA ’72 – see my above note about UCLA; I’ve always been told the absolute best UCLA team was ’68, who only show up at #16 on this list.   


Mad Dog is currently losing his mind over this list of The Best College Basketball Teams of All Time. And rightfully so - I love Larry Bird but I'm sorry but his ISU team doesn't belong on this list, even at #50.

All I can really do as he pins our ears back with his mouth of fury is suggest you look at my own post of the best teams I've ever seen, which probably stays as is after 10 years.

"CAWOLINA '82 #4, WEALLY? ARE YOU CWAZY?!?!!?!?!?!"

Good News!

 Cult classic Party Down is coming back with a 6-episode reboot!

The two-season show ran from 2009 to 2010 and starred Ken Marino, Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Jane Lynch, Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr and Megan Mullally as a group of catering waiters waiting for their big break in Hollywood.


Finger-Lickin', Who Wants a-Dickin'?

The Daily News ranks fast-food chicken sandwiches; I will now graciously give my thoughts on each one. You're welcome in advance.

McChicken at McDonald’s - the list gives this shit but camon, it's $1. I hate it when they nuke the mayo until it feels like roiling jizz, but basically it's a huge McNugget you can add cheese to for a freaking dollar, IE my idea of what heaven must be.

Spicy chicken at Checkers - don't think I've ever been to a Checkers. From the photo, it's pretty much looks exactly like the one at McDonald's. Plus who wants to go to a place named after Nixon's loser dog?

Crispy Chicken Sandwich at Dairy Queen - used to tear me up some DQ back in the day (Ultimate Burger combo hit me up Boo!), but I never tried the chicken sandwich. I didn't have sex in a DQ bathroom, however (I don't wanna brag but that was amongst other places, thank you very much).

Original Chicken Sandwich at Burger King - I consider this to be the OG. Sometimes it's like eating cardboard but when it's right on, it's right on. Double cheese, they slather on the mayo, nomitty nom nom! For some reason over the last 35 years I have a habit, as with my lovemaking, of tearing it in half. Dunno why. Hey, I'm an enigma!

Chicken Ring Slider at White Castle - I love White Castle, and I've had the chicken rings, but not the Chicken Ring Slider. Pretty sure I can imagine what it's like. Proud to have used chicken rings to expand my already vast influence onto the next generation, if I may humbly say so myself, which I will.

Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich at Sonic Drive-In - never had it. 

Crispy Chicken Breast Slider at White Castle - never had it. More shit they've cooking up in the White Castle lab, I guess.

Crispy Chicken sandwich at Burger King - never had it. Loyal to the OG, mofos!

Spicy Crispy Chicken sandwich at Burger King - never had it. Loyal to the OG, mofos!

Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich at Hardee’s - never had it.Though it was in fact where I got chastised for playing with my nuts once, so. Ah, youth...

Classic Mother Cruncher at Checkers Drive-In - never been to a Checkers but may be worth a trip just for the name of this sandwich.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich at Culver’s - never been to a Culver's but seriously am I gonna fuck with your chicken sandwich if you're famous for something called a "butter burger"? Sorry arteries but its true. To celebrate a non-racist line from 2009 celebrating the butter burger genre, "the owner of Solly's Grille in Milwaukee naming the restaurant as a joke re: how Pat Morita from Arnold's would apologize to his girlfriend = priceless." 

Crispy Chicken Sandwich at McDonald’s - Usually stick with the McChicken, but if this is the one I think it is I remember it being a blatant rip-off Chick-fil-A's classic. Was good, but haven't really thought of it since...and believe me, I've thought of McDonald's more than a few times...

Sandwich Combo at Raising Cane’s - never even heard of this place. Sounds religious-y, which has no place in the Great Chicken Sandwich Wars of 2021. Or anything, really.

Classic Chicken Sandwich at Wendy’s - great, but prefer the spicy version. Which is rare for me (especially with da womens).

Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich at McDonald’s - never tried it.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Chick-fil-A - never tried it.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Wendy’s - ahhhh, another of the OGs. Along with the McChicken and BK Original, this is in the Hall of Fame for both taste and longevity. And fights well against Wendy's burger, which is the best of the "regular/shitty fast food burgers". Still haven't forgiven them for the 2012 Coffee Debacle, however.

Original chicken sandwich at Church’s Chicken - never had it.

Chicken Sandwich at Chick-fil-A - what can you say about this one? Who doesn't love this sandwich? Jews, maybe? 🤔

KFC Chicken Sandwich at KFC - been to KFC a zillion (really!) times in my life but it's never occurred to me to eat their sandwiches. It's "finger-licking good", not "here's a sandwich now your fingers won't get greasy at all so what can I lick oh look it's a bear on a tricycle reading the lyrics to How Much is That Doggie in the Window?". Think, people, think.

Chick’n Shack at Shake Shack - just as fantastic as you'd imagine. Pillow light and juicy. And like my rather brilliant comment with Wendy's, it must be good to compete with Shake Shack's burger, which is to me the single best burger out there, period. 

Fried Chicken Sandwich at Popeyes - no doubt I put this at #1. Comically over-sized chicken, that wonderful Popeye's batter, I mean camon. The one ding is the bun is way too much bread but still, will be hard to pry this one out of the top spot.

Not looking forward to trying the sushi version of the chicken sandwich, btw:

Archie du Jour



 Over at Buzzfeed I read this:

Instead of using makeup to make Geena Davis look older in A League of Their Own, they actually hired someone else to play Old Dottie and dubbed her voice.


I love this movie and have watched it a million times and that's fooled me for 29 years, I hope whoever did that won a goddam award for it.

And never forget, people: Geena Davis in Thelma & Louise is easily in my "Top 5 Xmastime Ladies of Specific Film" list, along with for example Jennifer Esposito from Summer of Sam. I mean, lookit them chompers, nom nom fuckity nom!

Business Opportunity

So between this Dr. Seuss bullshit and the country singer who said the "n-word" I guess the lesson is that is you wanna make it rain cash just squeal "cancel culture!!" and Republican idiots/racists will scramble the jets for you. Nice. 
"Just got busted using the n-word, ka-CHING!!!!!!!"

Now Here's a First

My many, many fans know that over the years I've pointed out that Linus Van Pelt is a sanctimonious downer pain in the ass that's about as funny as a a pile of dirty laundry in a big fat mud puddle, so you can imagine my shock - and in this case I mean Fred G. Sanford clutching his chest shock - when only fifty years ago today he was actually funny.

Wednesday, March 03, 2021


Unlike his former partner, Xmastime Hall of Famer Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, Mike Francesa started out grouchy and got to be more asshole-y with every year, so it became fun for callers to fuck with him.  This is a classic, I have no idea how the guy kept a straight face and stayed on for so long. Chef's kiss!

(Do yourself a favor and go down the rabbit hole with this guy's Twitter feed, it's insane)

NBA Logo

Mad Dog has been ranting for days about the absurdity of Kyrie Irving wanting the NBA to change the logo from Jerry West to Kobe Bryant.

I'm happy with saying "hey it's been 50+ years, it's time to update the logo." And I'm fine starting with "it should be a black guy." But the idea of skipping over Michael Jordan seems ridiculous.

Congrats dummy, you just made Jordan's shit list!


On Brand

Excited to watch Republicans fight back against Dr. Seuss being "canceled" (eyeroll) by bringing back Uncle Remus.

Joe Fucking Manchin

 Just like the piece of shit Blue Dogs back in the day. Wtf.

Ah Yes...

...when you can't tell which names are the actors and which names are the characters...

(Kinda like Dancing with the Stars!)

Questions. I Have Them.

Why do I smile at dogs? I mean do they know/care how I'm looking at them? 🤔🤷

Yeah yeah yeah just gimme the goddam treat already, asshole.