Friday, August 26, 2016


Years ago, I rather tongue-in-cheekly wrote:
Can we please stop with the reviews of every single Springsteen concert? I mean, how the fuck do these people do it - night after night, they pull their hamstrings doing gymnastics to explain to us how THIS show was the most transcendent, soul-moving, emotional, greatest show ever in the history of rock.

Look, we get it - he's awesome. And the shows are awesome. But how many times can we say this? Can't we simply put up a GONE FISHIN' sign up when it comes to reviewing these shows, and assume that YES, if there was a Springsteen show it was beyond crazy incredible and the whole band gave 110% and somehow pulled up something extra when the crowd needed to be lifted, once again? Please? - XMASTIME
And now it's apparently happened, with the fantastic title "Bruce Springsteen Just Played His Longest U.S. Concert Ever, and My God It Was Exhausting":
It seemed like the show was over. But then Bruce yelled to the crowd: “You don’t SOUND satisfied.” It was almost midnight and I started to panic. Bruce went on: “You better show me if you’re satisfied.” I shrieked. He ignored me and played “Thunder Road.”
Hahaha sacrilegious, but funny.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

British Icons

Only Fools and Horses has been named 9th in a list of top British icons, ahead of The Beatles, Winston Churchill and The Queen.

The poll was carried out by tea company Tetley which said it wanted to shine “a light on how Brits feel about the country and the things people associate with Britishness.”

Here’s the full list of top 20 British icons:
1. Traditional Roast Dinner
2. Fish and chips
3. BBC
4. Union Jack
5. Wimbledon
6. A British cup of tea
7. The London Underground
8. The Royal Family
9. Only Fools and Horses
10. The Beatles
11. NHS
12. The City of London
13. Buckingham Palace
14. Red buses
15. Winston Churchill
16. Queen
17. Queuing
18. Cream tea
19. James Bond
20. Stonehenge
I'm psyched my superslice Only Fools and Horses is so high, but The Beatles only at #10??!?!?!

Xmastime Headlines!

Beach Memories

Trump Thoughts

Starting to wonder when this "amazing team of advisors/Team of Rivals!" supergroup Trump's putting together is actually going to happen.

Trump ? du Jour

If so much of the media is "piling on", then who's "everyone" that's left to report it?

Timehop du Jour


Can someone go ahead & please let Trump know that apparently America is already great? Thanks! ‪#‎hotdogtoaster‬ ‪#‎mindblown‬

Play It Nice and Cool

I've never gotten to see the show, but Nicholas Lyndhurst, who played Rodney in Only Fools and Horses, was in Goodnight Sweetheart following OFAH's end. I stumbled upon this clip, in which he wonderfully gives an homage to the most famous BBC sitcom moment of all time.

Well done, you plonker!

Watch David Jason talking about the scene HERE.

(Also - don't forget none other than Beck's parody which is funny as hell too.)

Friday, August 12, 2016

A-Rod, II

Yeah, I will probably blubber a  bit tonight during the game. Partly because that's just who I am. But also, I watched this guy every day for 13 years - I was 31 when he came to New York. Watching him, and the Yankees, was an everyday part of years in a city I cherish.

And then of course there's this.

Goodbye, A-Rod

Almost a decade ago I wrote why I liked A-Rod:
There’s a reason A-Rod is my favorite Yankee, and it has nothing to do with the homers, the inevitable Gold Glove etc. Over the years as I’ve been watching, I see things. I see that every time a Yankee, no matter whom, hits a home run who is right there to greet him, having some laughs in the dugout? A-Rod. He’s not in the video room obsessing over his swing or talking to Boras, he’s right there. And even more so throughout this year, when in the beginning the Yankees were bringing up a new 22-year old pitcher seemingly every day. Every day these kids (Clippard, DeSalvio etc) would get SHELLED and Torre comes out to get the ball, the last Yankee that would be on the mound giving them a pat on the ass was A-Rod. And to most fans that might not mean shit, but to me, I notice that stuff and it means a lot. To a 22-year old baseball player, A-Rod is a huge deal. A-Rod's definitely more Mickey than Joe D. To me, the greatest compliment of all: a great teammate. 
And the difference between him & Jeter:
I love Jeter.  We all do.  He's the Yankee of our lifetimes.  But I have no desire to read about him.  He is JFK to A-Rod's RFK: the more you read about Jeter the less interesting he is, while A-Rod has layer after layer of odd complexity that can be fascinating, whether you like him or not.  If it weren't for Jeter acting like a sniveling sixth-grade girl because of a comment A-Rod made (and then apologized profusely for), there would truly be nothing interesting about Jeter as a guy.
This about sums them up.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

20 Years Ago Today

The Ramones played their last show ever.


50 Years Ago

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the release of Revolver, which was the beginning of the absolute peak of The Beatles:
Rubber Soul had come as a surprise to them – crashing it out in a few weeks for the Christmas 1965 deadline, the Beatles stumbled into a revelation of how how far they could travel over the course of a full-length LP. Revolver was the first time they set out to make a masterpiece on purpose, arrogant bastards serenely confident that any idea they tried would turn out brilliant. And this time, at least, they were right.
Revolver is all about the pleasure of being Beatles, from the period when they still thrived on each other's company. Given the acrimony that took over the band at the end, it's easy to overlook how much all four of them loved being Beatles at this point and still saw their prime perk as hanging with the other Beatles. Despite the fact that all doors of society and celebrity were open to them, the Beatles' main human contacts were each other.
The Beatles are so confident of their superhuman hipness it doesn't even occur to them to argue the point, which is how Revolver can sound so arrogant yet so suffused with warmth. If you play "And Your Bird Can Sing" or "Love You To" back to back with "Ballad of a Thin Man" or "Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown," Dylan and the Stones sound like sophomores trying a little too hard to impress the seniors.
And just like their supreme confidence in not even bothering to put Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever on Sgt. Pepper, they released Paperback Writer/Rain a few weeks before Revolver came out. 

It's my #2 or 3 Beatles record, and it's amazing and I fucking love it  :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Let's Hope...

...this works out better than when Michael Scott tried it.

Uber Thoughts

You'd be surprised how much of my day I spend thinking "wait, that wasn't Liam Neeson in Good Will Hunting?!?!"

Monday, August 01, 2016

Happy 35th MTV

MTV, which had been a major cultural touchstone until it surrendered itself to the reality tv craze years later, launched 35 years ago today. It's a shame to know what the channel began as and what it became; it would be as if Charles Dickens ended up writing Fifty Shades of Grey.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

81 Years Ago Today

Penguin Books debuted!
On July 30, 1935, Allen Lane changed the world of books. He introduced paperback Penguin Books, bridging the gap between expensive hardcover books and cheap newspapers. With that middle option—and with distribution in places other than bookstores—the Penguin line became a staple of booksellers worldwide. Penguin paperbacks were actually inexpensive enough to be sold from a vending machine.
They're my favorite; I love that uniform orange/black style guide they use.

Classic Trigger du Jour


Do all these special hugs include getting to feel women up?


Great. The Weather Channel stole the title of my upcoming autobiography.

Is This...

...every winning moment of any game show from the 70s/80s?

One MOre Reason to Vote HIllary

Tim Kaine apparently has great taste in music:
Replacements biographer Bob Mehr points out that if elected, Kaine would be the first Replacements fan to serve as vice president. During a radio interview with Richmond-based DJ Chris Bopst, Kaine listed the Replacements’ Let It Be as one of his favorite albums, Style Weekly reports.
Now here's The Replacements listening to a Tim Kaine speech.

Oh Oh

Great. The Navy hates America and freedom; Jesus and his scrappy, lovable sidekick Baby Jesus are gonna be FURIOUS when they hear about this.