Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sorry Barry

Via HERE. I'm a little queasy putting Bonds in there, but the other 3 seem like no-brainers to me. And it's not like Ricky wasn't a fantastic, unique player anyways.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

State du Moi

I just ate an entire sleeve of saltines.  #trueconfessions

Funny, Insightful


Michael Kay and Paul O'Neill just asked Jon Flaherty about his relationship with umpires back when he was a catcher, which I wondered about years ago:
No matter how many decades I may be a fan of baseball, every once in a while I'm shocked to be reminded of the intimacy between an umpire and catcher. Nine innings, literally hovering over the catchers shoulder, game after game, all season long. A subtle flow of communication played out over the months. How has no one turned this into a sitcom or movie? 
How has there not been a documentary of this??!!

State du Moi

Bugs have been committing suicide by flying into my mouth at a drastic rate this week. Ugh.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


During the Yankees game just now, Paul O'Neill mentioned the ol' Bull in the Ring!

(the below was first posted in 2012)
I can't wait til I'm old enough to insert "and" into the middle of years. Young people can't pull this off, can they? Only old people. I want the neighborhood kids running up on the porch asking me to tell stories of the "glory days."

"When did you start playing football, Mr. Xmas?"
"Boy, my first year on varsity was way back in Nineteen hundred and eighty-seven. That was right before the bull-in-the-ring drill was outlawed, fucking pussies. Now get me a gotdam beer and get the hell outta here!" - XMASTIME
I got a kick out of TNC name-dropping the bull in the ring drill HERE while pointing out new safety measures in Pee-Wee football vis-a-vis less practice time involving full contact. I previously wrote my thoughts on football at that age/size/speed HERE. Personally, I don't think reducing contact in practice really will do much good, since  1. that's less time learning how to tackle properly  2. once the game starts you just pin your ears back and hit the hell outta fuckers any which way you can anyways. But hey, what the hell do I know, all I ever did was single-handedly keep up to within 42 points of Lancaster with my extra-point blocking heroics, so why should anyone listen to lil' ol me?

Official Announcement

I think I have a favorite van Gogh painting. The Night Café.

For Fuck's Sake du Jour

A coupla years ago I bitched and moaned about how much of a fucking event the NFL had turned the draft into. And now they've done the same thing...WITH RELEASING THE GODDAM SCHEDULES!!!  A 3-hour fucking turd rolling out the schedules? Really?

People really are idiots. Christ.

A-Rod Hitz

A-Rod is only 49 hits from 3,000. I'm not picking up on the same excitement/ceremony via the Yankees as they did with Jeter. Hmm.

"What'd I do, Jeet?"

NYC vs. Paris

The Cage Match!

No mention of "Yankees vs. Oh that's right you don't play baseball cuz you're not America!" however.

Mania, Indeed

Apparently there's a cottage industry devoted to convincing people that The Beatles were not four people, but a machine of hundreds:
It’s true that the Beatles maintained a rapacious schedule of touring and recording. Their discography shows a staggering 27 studio albums released in a period of 8 years. Granted, these weren’t 27 separate album sessions—these songs were often recycled into different packages for different countries. But even today, that’s remarkable output. I think even Gucci Mane would admire it. 

So could it be that the Beatles—meaning the amalgam of managers, record executives, producers, engineers and the Multiple Beatles—required body doubles? It would sure help with hellish schedules—not to mention safety.

Yankee Sanity

Dimaggio was a douchebag, so I could give a fuck what the old-timers say about him. But I could listen to dudes talk about Mickey all day. - XMASTIME
In their Mount Rushmore for the Yankees, this guy gets it right:
If you're going to vote for Derek Jeter, who's fifth on the Yankees' all-time WAR list, he should replace DiMaggio. The other three are untouchable, regardless of what ESPN's voices would have you believe, as they debated whether Jeter or Mantle should be No. 4. It's DiMaggio who is replaceable, not Mantle.

Runaway Trains

Fascinating piece here on how some folks are determined to bury Amtrak despite it's resurgence in popularity (as well as the many benefits it carries over everyone driving):
The recurring ambivalence in Washington about Amtrak's right to exist has mostly precluded the government from drafting a plan to dramatically improve train travel. For a brief moment in 2009, however, that seemed to change. President Obama, who would promise to link 80 percent of the country to high-speed trains, used his stimulus legislation to award more than $8 billion to the cause, nearly $7 billion of which would go to California, Florida, Wisconsin, and Ohio for what were billed as bullet-train proposals. (Congress tacked on $2.1 billion more in subsequent years for high-speed rail.)

But by early 2011, it was all falling apart. Two new tea-party-backed governors in Wisconsin and Florida, Scott Walker and Rick Scott, promptly gave back the money. Ohio's new Republican governor, John Kasich, did the same.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Those Text Reviews are Flying In Now!

Ooooooooh yeah! 

Said du Jour

"Lemme tell you a little-known fact about Martin Luther Gaye...wait, I mean Marvin Gaye..." - Me

Questions. I Have Them.

What the fuck did we do before one-wipe Charlies?

Mad Men Thought du Jour

If Pete & Peggy's kid comes walking in on one of the remaining 3 episodes I'm gonna pitch a gotdam fit.

My Friday Night

So the other night after walking for an hour (yes, this makes me better than you) I came home to find a guy passed out on my steps. He didn’t look particularly homeless – hell, he was better dressed than me (Burberry scarf!) I woulda just walked over him but he was blocking my door. This had never happened to me, so I was unsure what to do. I tried shouting at him to wake up a few times, but he didn’t move. I looked around for a stick to poke him, but found none. And didn’t really wanna be the guy that pokes drunk guys with sticks. So I thought hey, I’ll call the police. Then it occurred to me I had no idea how to do that. I mean, it didn’t warrant a 911 call. He wasn’t breaking into my apartment, and he wasn’t threatening me. How do you even call the police? What the hell’s their regular, non-911 number? Plus, I didn’t wanna be the guy that set off a chain of events that led to some fat white cop plugging 30 rounds into a black guy for no reason.

Finally he heard me shouting and woke up. He staggered to stand up, and stared right into my eyes.

“Cool scarf,” I motioned.

He walked away, oblivious to my shouts that he’d forgotten his beer.

A Few Thoughts on Last Night's Mad Men

- Why are we bringing in old retreads (Glen Bishop) and new characters (the guy banging Joan)? With three episodes left, are we really supposed to give a shit about these people?

- Basically, we’re just looking at a coupla rich guys (and gal) who are sitting on piles of money with no real incentive to do anything. What great work is Don doing? None. So who cares?

- A clichéd Mrs. Robinson plotline? WITH a "gee, I'm going off to Vietnam..." bit? Really? Can Matthew Weiner show LESS imagination?

- So Mathis got fired. But surely I’m not the only one who had always wondered how he worked there in the first place? He and the other guy always seemed like worthless slugs who couldn’t write themselves out of Don’s bottle of rye. So why were they even hired as the genius Don Draper’s copywriters? How’d they last as long as they did? That’s what was great about Ginsberg – you felt that he was Don’s natural genius successor.

- Mostly, I have a sinking feeling that the series should’ve ended on the high note of saving the firm/winning Burger Chef/landing on the moon/Bert Cooper dying.

A Thought on Scott Walker

You don’t get to campaign on being a “regular guy” if your record shows that your main priority is completely ruining the lives of “regular guys.”

But then, this is the stupid shit people fall for, so. “He’s just like me! Here’s my house, take it please!”

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thoughts. I Have Them.

Wtf Mad Men. I'm officially putting the odds of us seeing Don's dead brother again before the season ends  at 100%.