Thursday, February 23, 2017

32 Years Ago Today

Bobby Knight famously hurled a chair across the court, and now we seem to have found the chair.
Purdue's Steve Reid was at the line about to shoot the two free throws when Knight grabbed a chair from his bench and threw it onto the floor. It skidded past Reid toward the corner, veering into the photographers sitting on the baseline.
"After he threw the chair," Stuckey says, "I was ready to hand him another one because I was so (ticked) off."
Knight walked out to the thunderous sound of "Bob-by, Bob-by." Reid was given six technical free throws, but the thunder undid the Big Ten's leading foul shooter (95 percent); he missed three of six.
The 30th anniversary of Bobby Knight's tantrum

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

PBS Pick du Jour

This animated doc about the 1966 UT shooting is spellbinding. Watch it HERE.


Seems like this would be a good time to hear from all the "forgotten!" folks they yammered about throughout the election. But I guess they're just really, really busy. Oh well.


Teenager maybe getting laid anytime now.

Wait -

Jessica Rabbit is Ukrainian?


Thoughts. I Have Them.

Both the "my" and the "insert your own sauce here!" empty space are a tad creepy, I believe.

As someone who once was ashamed to realize he'd gone thru an entire day at the office with a v-neck t-shirt...

...I feel like we should be embarrassed by this.

Conversations with a 7 Year-Old

Her: does every country have a president?
Me: every country has a leader.
Her: who's our leader?
Me: Donald Trump.
Her: can we get a different leader?

Thoughts. I Have Them.

Looks like Milo Yiannopoulos' job at the White House may come sooner than expected.

This Is Nuts

Every front page of the New York Times.

When Life Imitates Costanza


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wings Scene du Jour

Brian Hackett: It says here, fifteen percent of the American public would rather watch television than have sex.
Roy Biggins: Fifteen perc... Yeah, yeah, I buy that, yeah. You know, maybe you're... you're too tired, or she's too... what's a nice way to put this? Ugly.
Brian Hackett: The words "too tired" aren't in my vocabulary, and frankly, Roy, I don't think the words "too ugly" should be in yours.

What the... that a saucer in his hand? Was he handed a saucer with a glass of milk? Wtf?

King Louis

I missed this when he did it but it's fucking killing me now  :)

Pizza Wednesday

This is easily the saddest shit I've ever seen.


If you didn't already have a favorite college baseball team, you do now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

What with my over the top, bordering on the dangerous luck with the ladies, Valentines Day has always been a big deal for me. Let's take a walk through the years and, starting with 8th grade, see how each Valentine's Day went for our guy Xmastime.

1986: nothing
1987: nothing
1988: nothing
1989: bought rose for a girl I was into and later dated for two years. My first love. Of course by the time it got to her it had died and shriveled up. And that ended up being the highlight of our relationship.
1990: I think I got a keychain shaped like a heart from her. Ring-a-ding fucking ding.
1991: nothing
1992: nothing
1993: nothing
1994: had a girlfriend, but can't remember doing anything special. Sounds like it must have been amazing.
1995: broke up with her, inciting what surely was 4-sleeve Snackwells emergency at Stubbs Dorm.
1996: nothing
1997: nothing
1998: nothing
1999: nothing
2000: nothing
2001: nothing
2002: nothing
2003: nothing
2004: nothing
2005: nothing
2006: nothing
2007: nothing
2008: nothing
2009: nothing
2010: nothing
2011: nothing
2012: nothing
2013: nothing
2014: nothing 
2015: nothing
2016: nothing
2017: nothing as of 4:21pm 

SO You Say It's Valentine's Day...

...prolly a good time as any to update my profile pic.

Happy Valentine's Day!