Sunday, May 01, 2016

Pretty sure it just gives them lunch.

Would Love to Know....

...the name of the guy whose job it was to electroshock Trump last night every time he tried to go on Twitter. ‪#‎WHCD‬

Thoughts. I Have Them.

Ted Cruz on Meet the Press today was amazing; I haven't seen such a fucking crybaby since 2 weeks ago when the Burger King I was at was out of cheese.

Blackadder Goes Forth

Blackadder is not only that rare sitcom for which the last season was its best, but the final scene from the finale is one of the all-time great scenes, much less final scene (here's a short list of great finales.) Funny as usual up until the final moment, a wonderfully poignant one for a show without a lot of poignancy and the end of a season that really packed a whollup in showing the senselessness of war and the men that celebrate them.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Footnote Found!

Five years ago I asked:
I never seem to have watched it all the way through at any one time, but the one scene from the 1988 documentary Imagine I never seem to miss is when some hippie wanders up to John Lennon's house, and instead of releasing the hounds Lennon not only talks to him but invites him in to eat!

Who the fuck is this guy? Is he alive? He's probably about 60 now. Has anyone ever found out who this guy is? Wouldn't it be great to ask "what was it like to find yourself sitting at a kitchen table with one  of the fucking Beatles?"? 
According to this post on John Lennon's Facebook page, his name is Claudio:
Is anyone in contact with Claudio, the John Lennon fan who turned up on John's doorstep in Ascot in May 1971 and is featured in the 'Gimme Some Truth' documentary?

We would like to get in touch with him. If you have ANY info about his whereabouts, please comment below or email THANK YOU.

Claudio was a confused, vulnerable, shell-shocked Vietnam veteran who came to Lennon's Ascot house in England from the San Francisco VA Medical Center in the USA. He was convinced that John was sending him messages in his lyrics that were asking him personally to come and meet him. John and he spoke outside, and then John invited Claudio into the kitchen to have something to eat, after which he went on his way.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Born in the Purple USA

I knew Bruce would open his show with a Prince tribute, but I never woulda guessed Purple Rain. Incredibly ballsy choice, and of course he nailed it.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

This is Freaky & Intoxicating As Fuck.

Real-time simulatioon  of the Titanic sinking. Wow.

Hey Ho

The first Ramones album came out 40 years ago today. It's only my 4th favorite Ramones album but that's like saying my least favorite Beatles album is Abbey Road - it's still an A+ and is amazing. It's almost impossible to calculate the impact if had on every person who later picked up a guitar, even all these decades later (the album didn't go gold until 2 years ago.) Meanwhile, when I was a kid you had to search out the rare fan; nowadays you can barely go a block without seeing a baby in a Ramones onesie. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say they're the single most influential band in rock history since following The Beatles.

Enjoy.  I know I will.

True Confessions

The day before Prince died, I'd worked up in my head a riff based around the fact that every song you loved as a kid was actually about fucking.

"So kid, what's Hungry Like the Wolf about?"
"Oh, we're running through a cool jungle! With wolves!"

"Nope. It's about fucking."

"So kid, what's Little Red Corvette about?"
"Riding around showing off the coolest car in town!"

"Nope. It's about fucking."


Fellow Minneapolis resident Paul Westerberg on Prince:
My first recollection of seeing him was a dress rehearsal for one of his early tours. I was next to another musician, a couple other guys that were up-and-comers and that thought they were hot shit, and we were watching Prince. The guy turned to me and said, "I'm fucking embarrassed to be alive." And that's how I felt. He was so good. It was like, "What are we doing? This guy is, like, on a different planet than we are." It was showmanship, it was rock & roll, it was fun, it was great. I think it helped everyone around. It made us all think that Minneapolis wasn't the dour town that we tried to pretend it was. He was like a ray of light in a very cautious place. He was a star. He made no bones about it. He was glitz to a place that wasn't used to it. I remember a little scuffle broke out in front of the stage one night and Prince said, "Stop fighting, you'll mess up your clothes."

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Prince is dead. Bowie/Merle/George Martin/Prince. Starting to feel like every damn day is The Day the Music Died.

This will always be my favorite Prince moment, the greatest guitar solo ever.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Big Bear Memory du Jour

(walking with Big Bear to pick Cherry Bomb up from school and trying to gauge if we could make it home before it started raining, or if I needed to call for a car service)

Xmastime: how long does it take to get from Cherry Bomb's school to home?
Big Bear: same as it does from home to her school.

Boom!  :)

Subway Memories

Gawker has the 10 WORST PEOPLE ON THE SUBWAY, including blah blah blah and zzzzzzzzzzzzz and whogivesashitwhatanyonebutmesays.
Which of course gives me a reason to highlight a few of the zillion posts I've had about the subway, including:

Train door douchebag guy

Hipster douchebag bag guy

Coffee douchebag guy

Metrocard douchebags

iPod douchebags

Cock-blocking douchebags

Slow-moving motherfucking douchebags
Of course the subway is the single greatest setting for nangulance, including


But rest assured - I'll never give up my train platform dream:
The next thing on my to-do list is to show up at subway platforms and stare in the wrong direction for the train. Ever see anyone do this? Doesn't it drive you bananas? At any given moment there's 10 or 15 people staring intensely down the tracks into the tunnel; I'm gonna stare right back in their direction, looking annoyed "where the fuck is this train??!!!" One, they'll start getting pissed cause it's some dude looking in their face. Then they start thinking doesn't this dude know which way the fucking train comes? Then they're really pissed and think doesn't this dude see that everybody else is staring in the other direction??!! And me, staring, shaking my head "where the fuck is this train?" just as their heads fucking explode into a thousand pieces.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Thoughts. I Have Them.

If you'd told me it was possible for a very funny sitcom to replace Andy Samberg with one of the kids from Twilight and it then would be even funnier, I can't say I woulda believed you. And yet here we are.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

BBC Is the Greatest

In listing my favorite BBC shows by decade, the current one is surprisingly well-represented. While only one is in my Top 10 (ie in bold), the sheer quantity speaks incredibly well of what's been going on at the BBC lately. And that's not even counting dramas such as Downton Abbey or the spectacular Wolf Hall.

Rising Damp
Fawlty Towers
The Good Life
Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads
To the Manor Born
Open All Hours

Only Fools and Horses

Father Ted
The Vicar of Dibley
Alan Partridge Show

IT Crowd
Black Books
Nighty Night
The Inbetweeners
Peep Show
The Worst Week of My Life

Fresh Meat
Twenty Twelve
The Whites
The Other Man(s)
Moone Boy

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Opportunity Lost


Last year I listed the amazing BBC shows I'd recently found, mostly thanks to Hulu. Here's a list of ones I've found in just the past few months, all fucking awesome and making me want more.

BOLD = top 5

Rising Damp
Father Ted
The IT Crowd*
Black Books
Fresh Meat
Nighty Night
The Detectorists
The Inbetweeners

 *this I'd seen before

Maybe I'll set up an even bigger tournament this year!!