Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happy Birfday Mike!

In honor of one of my childhood friends, let's go back 10 years to the Chinn Dome:
Our basketball home away from home was my friend Michael’s house, "The Chinn Dome." He had a big outdoor light, so we could play there after dark. I had a spot about 18 feet out that I shot from so much it was called “Xmas’ fucking crater," I wouldn’t be surprised if my footprints were still there. Usually we’d play 2 on 2, I must’ve run the only 2-man zone defense in the history of basketball – “you got the left side, I got the right.” Cause like I said before, I ain’t wasting my breath chasing nobody round playing defense for chrissake.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

More Ray Davies


I've loved The Kinks' great Come Dancing ever since it came out 30+ years ago but I never knew this about it:

Davies drew on memories of his older sister going on dates to the local dance hall in ‘Come Dancing,’ which ends with her all grown up and worrying about her own teenage daughters. Real life didn’t turn out so well: Davies’ sister died of a heart attack at age 31 while dancing at a ballroom. Earlier that day, she had given her 13-year-old brother his first guitar. This is Davies’ imagined happy ending.  

Kinks - Come Dancing by jpdc11

Happy Birthday!

To the incredible Ray Davies :)

If Trump's Done Nothing Else...

...he's certainly Made America Wanna Be Lawyers Again. #MAWBLA


The human body is strange thing, and we know this as a fact because my doctor who sent me to an orthopedist today is going to the same one herself tomorrow for knee trouble caused by too much running.

Sad du Jour

My doctor "suggesting" that if I want my knee to recover I need to retire from my career as a Chuck Taylor model.

My Office Gets Me. Xmastime: Great American.

BREAKING: Shooter of Congressman formally accused of being white.

That Look When...

....when Arby's tells you they're out of curly fries.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017

Flashback Friday with The King of Thrones.


Trump repealing the Cubs' WS title under Obama will be something to watch.

State du Moi

Working up the energy to craft my annual "Will someone start an Only Fools and Horses watching club with me please?" Craigslist posting. Sigh. 


Me: Can we at least start with not letting dudes who assault women get their hands on guns so easily?
Republicans: Why do you hate America?

Nom Nom Nom!

Another appropriation by white people that may have a lot of disrespect baked into it (no pun intended but quite pleased with myself once it happened) tho in this particular case, anyone who's eaten great fried chicken may be tempted to look the other way:
Edge, who calls Southern cuisine “food cooked by people who live here, who call this place their own,” argues that its appropriation and gentrification is rooted in a combination of nostalgia and the capitalization of a new respect that swept the South in the 1970s. The ugly response to the Civil Rights movement was replaced with a newer, progressive image — a peanut farmer had just been elected president, and the South was no longer America’s “problem child.”

What, no thoughts and prayers? Dummy!

Yeah, But... soon as Trump's lawyers learn how to spell "President" correctly, this is gonna be one helluva clash of the titans.

Thoughts. I Have Them.

Trump supporters seem perfectly fine having no idea what's in the Trumpcare Bill. What if it includes "participants have to watch all of Rob Lowe's scenes in St. Elmo's Fire every day"? I mean, isn't this something you'd want to know?


I'm starting to think that instead of constantly pointing out what an idiot Trump is, I should waltz in and grab one of these high-paying cushy jobs he apparently gives out to anyone with a pulse.

Inappropriate but funny AF

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I've Got a Feeling

That if these are the clothes you're buying, you probably LOVE shopping. 

June 14


But in All Seriousness After Today's Attack

Thoughts and prayers to the NRA puppets who will be offering thoughts and prayers all morning.


... if only there was a group of people who could enact legislation to make events like these less likely to happen. Oh well.


...if only there was a group of people who could enact legislation to make events like these less likely to happen. Oh well.