Sunday, February 07, 2016

52 Years Ago Today there ANY moment in history as exciting as those days when the Beatles come to America? I'm floored every time I see footage of this, or read the stories of djs announcing by the minute where their plane is over the Atlantic. The music was over the top great and about to change the world, and then they show up and they're funny to boot. All that black and white footage is exhilarating, and then the timing...New York City looks like it's having one big snow day, right? Unreal. I can not think of a single more exciting moment where culture, media and tomorrow comes together all at once. And when you see the films, knowing that they ended up NOT being little boy band pussies, that they really were the best makes it even better. How unreal must it have been to be on of the very 4 young men at the epicenter of this craziness? Did iut suck being everyone else? - XMASTIME

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Thoughts. I Have Them.

Can't say I'd be too upset if someone put together a Car Wheels on a Gravel Road tribute record.


I first mentioned the great Fresh Meat (along with the hat trick of Joe Thomas) a few days ago, and after burning through the first 3 series, the character of JP is an all-time BBC sitcom character for me. Not quite Jay Cartwright from The Inbetweeners, but a hilarious character whose snobbery ends up making his "real" moments with the other characters (in particular, his attachment to Howard at times) that much more impactful.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Sad du Jour

Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut from Apollo 14, has died.

He was 85 years old. Only 7 men who have walked on the moon are left.  In a few short years, for the first time since July 19, 1969 there will be no living men who have set foot on the moon. :(

Thoughts. I Have Them.

Really starting to dawn on me my home life is a mix of the BBC's Miranda and PBS' classic The Steven Banks Show (sad for me, but both are all-time slices, btw.) 

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Memory Lane with Xmastime

(Reprinted from November 2007)

I took Physics in 11th grade when I was in high school. We had a new teacher that year, her name was Mrs. Bame. She was probably all of 26 years old; her being a teacher of course made us assume she was older than the hills. Looking back now, she mighta been the one teacher we had that I might've allowed to seduce me with amorous relations.

Let’s just say I wasn’t a Physics genius. I reckon I topped out in the sciences the year before, when for my “science project” I flipped a coin 500 times to determine if the theory of probability was true. Answer? “YES.” I got a single piece of posterboard; on one side I wrote “HEADS: 249” and the other side was “TAILS: 251.” Hey, I didn’t wanna make it too obvious that I hadn’t bothered actually flipping the coin by putting 250 on each side, so I mixed it up a bit. Clever. I should’ve won an Oscar the next day when Mr. Young tried to insinuate that I hadn’t worked very hard on the project with the cleverly disguised critique of “It looks as if you did almost zero work on this.” To which of course I flipped out, indignation raging. “what?!?!? I flipped a coin 500 TIMES!!!!” I guess after that experience, I soured on science. What can I say.

So the next year, about 6 minutes into my Physics career I realized “this MIGHT have been a huge mistake.” So I did what any smart, resourceful young student would do in a time of crisis: start badgering the teacher to let us play kickball. Every day in the beginning of class I’d start the whining. “Come on Mrs. Bame, it’s so nice outside! Let’s all go outside and play kickball! Camon! Camoooooooooooooooon!” Her being so young and inexperienced she was easily rattled, so I was able to keep this up for bout two weeks. Whenever she’d make the mistake of calling on me in class I’d act distracted, staring out the window “…wha? I’m sorry what was the question?...I was just thinking boy, it’s too nice outside, we should be out there playing kickball…” I was, in a word, relentless. I knew that unless I spent the next 9 months distracting her with kickball dreams she would realize I knew nothing about physics and therein my dreams of failing out of community college would be down the shitter. The one thing I did understand the whole class was when one day, for no conceivable reason, she brought in a tape of “Mystic Pizza” and we watched it. I have no idea what that had to do with Physics, unless it’s has something to do with how Annabeth Gish’s career disappeared into outer space. “The Ione Skye of 1988.”

Luckily, I only had to keep it up for about 2 weeks; I finally cashed in my chips and dropped the class.

Fast forward to months later, there’s about 2 weeks left in the school year and I’m sitting at a table in one of my record-setting 14 study halls for the day. Prolly putting together my endless lists of “Favorite Ramones records, In Order” over over. Or theorizing a way people could use a system of interlinked, hypertext documents accessed via their networked computers to communicate with each other. Either way, I’m pretty sure a paper football was on the table. So I’m sitting there and I see Mrs. Bame walking in. Big smile, little wave, she’s walking over to the study hall “teacher.” I’m kinda watching for no reason, they both laugh while looking at me. I’m like, are they talking about me? What the fuck? What’re they looking at, is my dick hanging out? I looked down at my shoes and saw no, it wasn’t. Mrs. Bame walks straight over to me. We exchange hellos etc and then I’m finally like so….what’s…up? I can still see her beaming smile, I can still see the LL Bean tote bag she then reached into, pulling out a big red rubber ball. “It’s so nice out. Let’s go play some kickball.” My class roared from out in the hallway where they had been waiting, and I rose up – I can still feel the smile cracking my face as I walked to them, and then we all ran outside and spent the next 2 hours playing kickball. Fucking awesome.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Buddy Holly

I've heard about Paul McCartney's The Real Buddy Holly Story for years but never have been able to find it; now thanks to YouTube of course it's right at your fingers.

Apparently Paul was miffed with the 1978 classic The Buddy Holly Story not being very factual, so he produced this movie made up of interviews with Buddy's family & friends and includes performcnces from Paul himself. Awesome.

Note du Jour

Still have the dream of making James Swanson's brilliant Manhunt into a movie comedy, btw.

Feb 3, 1959: the Day the Music Died

(reprinted every year on this day...which means you'd think it'd be better, but eff it.)

Today is The Day the Music Died – the day Buddy Holly died. No offense to Ritchie Valens, who was young and did have some great hits, or the Big Bopper who, inexplicably, has a box set available. I’m assuming there are 60 versions of Chantilly Lace on there.

Like any kid who grew up loving rock n roll and then bought a guitar, Buddy is a hero of mine – one of the first rock n roll guys I fell in love with; was always “my guy.” Amazing songs, amazing guitar, and looked a little geeky. With his perfect combination of simple, heartfelt songs mixed with studio experimentation (e.g. double-tracking vocals, bringing in strings for True Love Ways) it’s a downright crime we never got to hear more than the first 18 months of his career before he hit the ground in Clear Lake, Iowa. We can dream about what he would have done with the Beatles and the millions of other bands that were a direct result of his records, but of course we’ll never know. Every coupla years I go through an extended period of becoming obsessed with Buddy – listening to nothing but him, playing his songs only and watching The Buddy Holly Story over and over. One time back in college I had a million pops and then called directory assistance in Lubbock, TX and tried to get a hold of his parents. I’m sure had we talked, I would have been amazing. Hmm.

So anyways, raise your glass tonight for Buddy Holly.

State du Moi

Can't say I'm thrilled with how my Lingerie Football Fantasy League team is shaping up.

An American Success Story

Today Uber held a promotion for a dog adoption place by bringing puppies for you to play with for 15 minutes in the hopes you'd adopt one. I've never seen an entire office come together to work so hard to get anything done like I witnessed us all trying to get those puppies. I mean, I put less effort to get into college than I did trying to get a gotdam Uber puppy.

Finally, one of us hit pay dirt. I've celebrated weddings and births yet I have never been as excited for another human being as I am for the guy in my office who got an Uber puppy delivered.

Must say, post-puppy depression really hit us hard after they were gone.

Memory Lane

Thoughts. I Have Them.

The one reason a Rubio presidency would be nice is that with his panicked style of speaking every State of the Union would be about 4 minutes long.

Monday, February 01, 2016

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one; Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun...

....the greatest show ever is no longer on Hulu :( #onlyfoolsandhorses

Billion Dollar Idea

A girl you pay to come to your house not to have sex, but to yell at you about eating shitty food and not exercising.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy Birfday

To the immortal Johnny Rotten :)

The Hat Trick

I watched the first season of Fresh Meat and loved it, meaning Joe Thomas has been in three different BBC shows I've found and loved over the past year, including all-time slice The Inbetweeners and the short-lived but brilliant Chickens.

Congratulations, Joe!

Xmastime TV Review

Louis CK's surprise, didn't tell nobody show is Horace and Pete, available on his website for just $5 AND IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!

Tremendous look/feel like a play from the 70s, feels like it belongs in some old classic American Playhouse production. Unbelievable. And is part of the canon of tv bars I wish I could go to in real life, like Cheers or the Lobo Lounge or the Nags Head.

Wasted Life

The natural heir to Chuck Berry was Johnny Thunders, who of course made sure to kill himself with dope before he was 40.

Besides the New York Dolls and the Heartbreakers, of course the greatest song he ever gave us was so prophetic.

He's definitely rock and roll's greatest "what if?"

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Surprising Anonymity

I feel like it's weird that I've never heard of Kenny Sailors, who is credited with pioneering the jump shot; something as ubiquitous at one time in my life, and certainly globally, that it's like this guy:
2) I saw some issue of Rolling Stone the other day that had an article about the guy who invented the World Wide Web. I had no idea what his name was.  How is it possible that here we have the World Wide Web, arguably the single biggest innovation of the last 50 years or more, and I have no idea who the inventor is but I have the name "Eli Whitney" branded on my fucking brain? I can't scratch my balls without hearing the name Robert Fulton, yet for all I know the dude who invented the World Wide Web could be in my "Where are all the Fuckpigs?" chat room and I'd have no idea. 
Anyway, Sailors just died at the enviable age of 95.

Questions. I Have Them.

Can I have a crush on someone who moves her lips while reading silently?

Thoughts. I Have Them.

There are many, many, MANY reasons to not vote for Ted Cruz, not the least of which would be his being born in 1970; having a president born in the same decade as myself anytime soon would just be too much.


Being a regular at a local pub can be good for you:
People who have a bar where everybody knows their name are significantly happier, have more friends, and have better life satisfaction than other people.
And believe it or not, they’re actually LESS likely to binge drink.

Read More: It's Science! Science Says Being a Regular at a Bar is Good For You |

A new study found that being a regular at a small local bar is good for you. People who have a bar where everybody knows their name are significantly happier have more friends and have better life satisfaction than other people. And believe it or not they’re actually LESS likely to binge drink.
The closest I've ever had to such a thing is The Turkey's Nest. Though with 32-oz styrofoam containers of Bud for $3.50, I can't say we didn't the fuck out of shit there.
I remember the day after 9/11 when we were all at the Turkey's Nest, collecting ourselves and making sure everyone was okay, and listening to the tales of a guy who was there when it happened. We were dumbstruck as he told us stories of seeing falling bodies and body parts; we all, including him, marveled that he'd survived.

But the one thing I'll remember for all my years, long after I've forgotten about 9/11, is what he said at the door as he was leaving. Muttering under his breath, I don't think anyone else even heard him, he said "Now after all that, watch me walk out the door right now and get hit by a fucking bus."

People who have a bar where everybody knows their name are significantly happier, have more friends, and have better life satisfaction than other people.
And believe it or not, they’re actually LESS likely to binge drink.

Read More: It's Science! Science Says Being a Regular at a Bar is Good For You |
People who have a bar where everybody knows their name are significantly happier, have more friends, and have better life satisfaction than other people.
And believe it or not, they’re actually LESS likely to binge drink.

Read More: It's Science! Science Says Being a Regular at a Bar is Good For You |