Friday, July 15, 2016

Only Fools du Jour

Del: Never give up on people, Rodney. I know that most of the time they don't seem to understand. But when you're in trouble and you cry out for help some will always be there. Trigger's cousin Cyril's a perfect example. He owed 500 quid on his mortgage.
Trigger: They were gonna be thrown out on the street the following day. he was very worried about it.
Mike: So what happened Trig?
Trigger: He drove out to Beachy Head. Parked about five foot from the edge of the cliff.
Albert: What he was gonna drive off it?
Trigger: Yeah! He just sat there for a couple of hours his head resting on the steering wheel. People tried to talk to him out of it but he was too depressed to listen.
Del: But then, and this is what I mean about people Rodney, they had a whip-round and got him his 500 quid.
Rodney: No! Who held the whip-round?
Del: All the passengers on his bus.


Back in 2009 I wrote:
I wanna shoot past 48, I wanna get to my own twilight years, I wanna get to them green rolling hills in Ireland. Because, despite my seemingly own best efforts, I still have a chance to. 
Today, in 6 & 1/2 hours I am getting on a plane to Ireland.

Life is funny.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Day at Camden Yards!

Thanks to Brothatime! I got to go to the Orioles game this Saturday, where they whooped the Mike Trout-led Angels 3-2.

Love that they announce the umps as if anyone cares. "Baker? Oh, he's good."

Someone is unfortunately under the impression he's pitching today. What a fucking idiot.

I have never rooted harder for a goddam Oriole in all my life. #Dennys

Paddy Mac turning around to tell this loudmouth to sit down shut the fuck up and pay attention to the damn game. 

They did it! Thank you Mark Trumbo!!! #wherethefuckisthenearestDennys


Pretty sure we've pushed ourselves into the wilderness of being completely fucked when Newt Gingrich says something that even remotely makes sense.

Ah yes...

...we're finally going to get the "Are guns super-awesome amazing or just super amazing?" GOP debate.

Iowa? IOWA?

Wow. Here's a guy really going out of his way to let you know he's a racist shithead.

Go Home NASA, You're Drunk.

This Seems Intoxicating & Terrifying (Oh Did I Mention Terrifying?)

GMy Great War, as part of the BBC 4-year WWI Centenary season:
In 1964, the BBC filmed hundreds of hours of interviews with the veterans of World War One – and the result was a 26-part landmark series, The Great War. This series only used a fraction of the interviews shot. The Great War is a new film based on this unseen archive, and tells, with the directness of living testimony, what it was like living and dying on the frontline. 
From its IMDB page:

One of the greatest achievements of television -broadcast from 1964 in 26 episodes. Use of extensive archive footage and sound effects, linked with contemporary classic music of that area. Concentrated by the commentaries by Michael Redgrave, and some of the finest male actors of the twentieth century. Still manages to be breathtaking despite the lack of special effects or modern gimmicks. 

- Nick Gunning
Here's the first episode, looks like you can YouTube through the whole damn thing.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

New BBC du Jour

I'm looking forward to watching this but it'd be much less confusing if the Germans didn't all have English accents.

Friday, July 08, 2016

The. Vintage. Mencken. Think I got it, thanks.

25 Years Ago Last Weekend

The Replacements played their final show:
Westerberg called what would prove to be the Replacements' final tour "a traveling wake." Still, the band wasn't much for sentimental goodbyes.
"Grant Park was the last thing on the docket, and the whole tour had an end-of-the-road feel," Mehr says in an interview. "But they didn't want to do a big sobbing farewell in Minneapolis. A big to-do in their hometown was not something they wanted to do."
Yet in the middle of "Talent Show," Westerberg obliquely acknowledged his conflicted emotions. As the song hit the guitar break, he would typically conjure a rousing Chuck Berry riff, but on this day his solo copped the melancholy melody from Stephen Sondheim's "Send in the Clowns." Amid the wisecracks and sloppiness, it was a lone moment of poignancy.

Paddy Mac - Making Friends at the Frederick Keys' Game!

Frederick Keys Memories, I

Life goal: be this dude's age and wolfing down a cheeseburger the size of a small muffler. Or, if I'm being honest, to ever actually be this dude's age.

Thoughts. I Have Them.

Which song was the "Louie Louie" of 80s/90s college bands, Left in the Dark by the Vertebrats or Can't Hardly Wait by The Replacements?

"With a machine solely invented to kill people."


Anyone who owns a casino that somehow manages to lose money should be able to admit that they agreed with Portland drafting Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.

Oh For Fuck's Sake

Can MLB try to make these reviews at least look cooler than 2 umps suckling at the teats of another ump? Wtf?

Frederick Keys Game

"That day actually got worse: it was my birthday and we went to a Richmond Braves game, where my mother proudly announced she’d snuck food from home inside, meaning we didn’t have to waste money on hot dogs and nachos. F*cking hell."

Excerpt from the never-to-be best-seller, Williamsburg Rats: A Manny's Tour of Duty.

Thoughts. I Have Them.

Surely I'm not the first person to suggest a Prey for Rock and Roll/Eddie & the Cruisers 2/Satisfaction movie marathon night, right?

Wow. Ballsy Headline, CNN.


It'd be easier to take this seriously if it wasn't only the 19th dumbest thing this piece of shit jackoff has said over the past few years.

Thoughts I Have Them.

1:45pm today: "dude. You can't show up for your annual physical reeking of bbq."

Timehop du Jour

A rather sexy start to my Facebook career, if I do say so myself.