Friday, August 17, 2007

Goodbye Karl Rove

Like anyone with half a human heart, I rejoiced a bit when Karl Rove resigned the other day. Cause let’s face it: he’s ugly. But one thing that cracked me up is how the Republicans turned on him after the November elections; furious that he “failed to deliver.” I thought at the time that if I was Rove I’d tell them to go fuck themselves - this guy got a retard elected President TWICE and set up the party to rule with unprecedented unaccountability. Every branch, check – they ruled the roost, thanks in large part to him. After this, I would think he’d be able to stroll around the White House naked cutting beer farts. Now, I don’t know how much power he really wielded between elections – maybe a lot, maybe none. But I don’t think he went around asking these Republicans to make complete asses of themselves, be it Delay or Hastert or Foley. Yes, the guy was a snake and built the team that would take the reins and pretty much ruin a lot of America and certainly their own party. But he did his job: put them in power. What they did with it is their own fault. These Republicans being pissed at him are like a guy winning the lottery, but then being pissed at the guy that gave him the winning ticket cause he blew all his winnings on booze and gonzo porn (that’s twice in one day! Can I keep it going???!!)


Monica said...

Did you know Rove went to high school and college here in Salt Lake City? Sweet. We can claim Rosanne and Karl Rove.

Xmastime said...

and Karl Malone!