Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Burger #2

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's Stuffing Burger; today's burger is breakfast themed.

THE HASH BROWN BURGER (breakfast theme)

4 hash browns from McDonald's
thick Texas toast

Cook burger to taste and toast GOOD-SIZED Texas toast - must be wide enough to span 2 hash browns. THE HASH BROWNS MUST BE FROM MCDONALDS!!!!!! There is no leniency on this - don't say to yourself oh, I can make better hash browns than Mickey D's...cause guess what? You can't. Perfect crispiness on the outside, inside melts in your mouth, perfectly held together. They can not be topped. Especially by you. Butter the Texas toast, lay down one piece with two hash browns on top. Now place burger on top of the hash browns, then the remaining 2 hash browns on top before closing with the other pice of toast. The perfect mix of beef, butter and amazing hash brown crunchiness will send your food errogenous zones into overdrive.

Note: for get-togethers, use one hash brown on each side and make sliders.

You're welcome!!!

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Angelissima said...

oy vey! I can hear your arteries hardening all the way over here in Joisey.