Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Gospel According to Dubya

Almost as bad as Bush licking his chops like Sylvester waiting on Tweety re: the money he’s gonna get from speaking after his term is up. Really? I mean, he will be an ex-president and all, but in the history of presidents is there one you’d LEAST rather hear speak for an hour than this one? Even if you backed him, again, you’re spending thousands of bucks a plate to hear him ramble on about freedom and terrorists for an hour? Maybe he'll be smart, kill some time with home slides of his latest brush clearing adventures. And besides a good toaster oven being able to write the speech he’ll recycle for the next 1000 appearances, is there a worse public speaker in the world whose name isn’t “Miss South Carolina”? While he’ll command a certain respect as en ex-prez, I cannot fathom people forking over scads of dough to listen to him in the years to come. But people are funny and dumb, so you never know. - Xmastime, October 2007

Like most people who have already commented on it, I just can't imagine the interest in reading a Bush autobiography. And not just as a liberal, commie-loving pinko as I am; I can't imagine anybody who supported him being interested in reading it either. Can't we write the script already? Daddy issues/loves his wife/gave up drinking/became president/the end. Here's a guy that didn't question himself once while president, do we really think he's going to write about any regrets/questions/tough choices et al? Probably not. I see 30 pages of Daddy stuff, 30 pages of quitting drinking and finding the Lord, and 300 pages of automated freedom/democracy/freedom/fightingthemtheresowedontfightthemhere stuff. Page after page marveling at his own certainty. Rinse, lather, repeat. Oh, and about 8 pages of letting Sammy Sosa go jokes. Otherwise, how compelling can his American Dreamesque riches to more riches story really be?

Bush feelings aside, I'd love to hear from any Bush fans out there who are sincerely looking forward to reading it.

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