Saturday, February 06, 2010

Roma's Pizza

No matter how long I live in NYC I will always claim my favorite pizza is at Roma's, a family-owned joint in my hometown. It's the perfect mix of cheese and grease; plus there's the nostalgia factor - I can still see how it looked in the late 70's, when I was in high school they had half-price Wednesdays, they had some wrestling video game we'd play for hours, and it was there that I made the unprecedented move of blowing off gunning the rock at The Chinn Dome to hang out with a chick. It's also the restaurant Sistatime! called me out on HERE.

Anyways, I happened to stumble upon Roma's website HERE, and am a bit perplexed by the disclaimer:
Roma's - Tappahannock is not responsible for grammatical, description or price errors.  All prices and menu selections are subject to change without notice.
"Grammatical"? Really? They're worried someone's going to sue them over grammar on the menu? Has this ever happened before? "Your honor, you cannot use 'seasonal vegetable'  in the past tense; my client was completely misled. We demand $20M."

Mostly, this gives an excuse to re-post maybe the funniest scene in movie history.

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