Thursday, June 03, 2010

What the Fuck?

There is nothing about this strip that makes any fucking sense.

1) Why is the plate upside down?
2) Jon Arbuckle lives in the Midwest, and yet he hasn't dumped a bunch of fucking ketchup on his hot dog?
3) Who the fuck bites into the middle of a hot dog like that? Is this because he apparently closes his eyes when he's about to bite into food? How many times does this dumb motherfucker accidentally bite his own hand?
4) Does Jim Davis really think that anyone over the age of eight years old WON'T answer this question with "Lyman, your wispy-mustachioed roommate who had to slink out of the strip never to be referred to again because somebody figured out you two are complete fucking homos"?
5) Why would a cat who is used to eating lasagna and is repulsed at the thought of eating a mouse be so excited to eat a hot dog that's been "greased"? Wtf?
6) If Garfield had access to the hot dog to cover it in grease, why didn't he just eat the fucking thing then?

Jesus. My mind is spinning.


Anonymous said...

It's about a handjob.

The Gnat said...

That's my good ole pal Xmastime. Much better than your topical uber-liberal whiny stuff.