Friday, December 09, 2011

The Wal-Mart Heirs Have The Same Net Worth As The Bottom 30 Percent Of Americans

According to the numbers:
Not only have the Waltons gathered a fortune equal to that of the bottom third of the country, but they spend it lobbying to cut their own taxes. For years, the Waltons have been supporting efforts to cut the estate tax, the tax levied on inheritance. Conservatives intent on cutting this tax — which they’ve brilliantly dubbed the “death tax” — led to President Obama agreeing to a “compromise” last year that lowered the rate and increased the tax-free exemption, giving a senseless tax break to extremely wealthy families.
Hey, give 'em a break for fucks sake - it's not like they were born with golden spoons in their mouths; these hillbillies grew up eating bark off trees and under the judgmental guise of the grouchiest bitch of a grandmother ever.  They came from nothing and have achieved the American Dream, all while being #1 in their time slot for over 118 weeks.  Why punish their success?

"No, I will NOT smile - the nails they hammered into Jesus were made out of smiles."

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