Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hypocrite Alert

To even dream that ANY president would roll back executive power is a pretty far-fetched dream of naivete. It's like breaking up with your high school girlfriend and thinking that with her next boyfriend she'll start back at necking and light petting. Sorry Skippy, but she picks up right where she left off: toothy blowjobs and ball-licking.  - XMASTIME
COCA-COLA is so graciously getting into the anti-obesity business, via a new ad:
In the ad, slated to hit airwaves this week, Coca-Cola encourages soda drinkers to step away from its regular and oversized beverages—though they fully intend to keep producing them—and instead feast their eyes on the portion-control cans coming soon to a grocery store near you.
Of course. Makes perfect sense. Like The Colonel telling chickens about the salads he has to offer.

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