Thursday, June 26, 2014


THIS still surprises me:
George Brett  3,154
Tony Gwynn 3,141
Derek Jeter 3,077

Except during his march to 3,000 hits this season, nobody really spoke about Jeter as a numbers guy, other than 5 rings; to speak of Jeter was to speak of things like intangibles, winning, and leadership.  So it's pretty amazing that he's actually this close in hits to guys like George Brett and Tony Gwynn, who were both number-accumulating hitting MACHINES, and Jeter has a few more seasons left in him.  Here's how many hits Gwynn and Brett had at the end of the season they turned 37:

Brett:  2,707
Gwynn: 2,780

And here's Jeter, at 3,077 with about a dozen games to go. I cannot say I woulda guessed this in a hundred years.

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