Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's Okay to Like Paul McCartney, Dammit

I've defended McCartney in the stupid "Lennon vs. McCartney" debate many, many times on this blog, I won't even bother linking to them oh wait I guess I will HERE and HERE. And HERE. And countless others.

So it's nice to see someone else sticking up for Macca. He's a bit strong with the "Lennon sucks!" language, I get cranky when I hafta point out to people that McCartney was Lennon's equal (if not more) within The Beatles, but I also love Lennon at the same time.

Some favorite from the list:
3. He wrote what might be Lennon’s most iconic song introduction (the mellotron opening to ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’).

6. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was McCartney’s idea. In fact, most everything the band did post-Epstein’s death in ’66 was driven by him. We have McCartney to thank for their entire post-66 catalogue.

10. McCartney recruited his friend George Harrison into the group. Lennon attempted to recruit Yoko Ono into the group. These recruitments had varying level of success.

13. He had the sense to excavate Let It Be from under the musical submersion of Phil Spector’s whitewashing string arrangements. Delivering his partner’s classic ‘Across the Universe’ in pristine acoustic glory.

15. Lennon’s quip in response to the question “Is Ringo Starr the best drummer in the world?” was “He’s not even the best drummer in The Beatles.” He was talking about Paul.

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