Sunday, July 27, 2014


I went to three nights of the Meadowlands run in 2003, but of course the 1999 15-shows were the rebirth of the E Street Band:
Inside the arena, before the show began, it was very emotional. Like waiting for an Ali-Frazier fight, the Super Bowl or the seventh game of the World Series. We had waited a long time, we finally had our Bruce and the E Street Band back!
It was such a big event that VH1 broadcast the first two songs live. As the lights went down, Bruce and the band came out one-by-one to a deafening ovation.
"Good evening New Jersey! We're going to bring it to you," Bruce said before beginning "My Love Will Not Let You Down."
And "bring it to you" was Bruce and the E Street Band did for 15 sold-out shows in East Rutherford that summer.

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