Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last Time All-Star

Derek Jeter just tied Lou Gehrig's career hits record for the Yankees. I wonder how many I've seen, watching games on tv. I'd be surprised if it was lower than 2,200, 2,300. As an A-Rod apologist I get (foolishly) frustrated by Jeter devotion, but when he retires I'm gonna cry my eyes out; my Yankee fandom has mirrored his career.  - XMASTIME
There's a lot of great Derek Jeter All-Star Game video I'm sure I'll be posting later on, but one thing I don't remember from the 1999 All-Star Game in Fenway is this:
Jeter entered the game mid-inning so Red Sox fans could cheer Nomar Garciaparra, then did an impression of Garciaparra's mannerisms at the plate.

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