Thursday, July 17, 2014

Whats a 6-Letter Word For "Hey, Remember When I Used to Give a Shit About Coming Up with Snappy Headlines?"

Over at Sully we read about apps being the future of crossword puzzles:
But apps are the future of crosswords, and puzzle aficionados realize this. According to a Pew report, tablet usage has spiked among those over 65, with 27 percent of senior citizens owning a device; only 18 percent of seniors own a smartphone.
Which is unfathomable to me. As i wrote years ago:
I don't know if I love doing the Daily News crossword puzzles every day for the sake of doing them or because I really, really love the way my pen sinks into that weirdly soft paper. Can you buy blank paper like that to write on?  Hmm.
And then of course there's the original Xmastime crossword puzzle. Enjoy!

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