Friday, January 30, 2015

50 Years Ago Today

In what some say was the greatest high school basketball game of all time, Morgan Wooten's DeMatha squad beat the previously unbeatable Power Memorial team led by a Lew Alcindor:
Catlett: “I remember Morgan telling us before the game not to watch him in the warmups.”
Wootten: “They say he’s 7-1. I always say he’s 7-3. But to see him walk out with the rest of his teammates was just an electric thing. Everybody wanted to watch the warmups. Incredible warmups, with dunks and things like that.”
Course, DeMatha wasn't exactly the Washington Generals:
DeMatha played only five players that night, and the Stags’ starting five all eventually played major college basketball. Three went on to play professionally. 
 Here's some footage, enjoy!

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