Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bye Sully, Cont.

Alyssa Rosenberg on the state of blogging:
Bloggers these days have to speak to our loyal readers, and there are many of you who have been kind enough to come with me from outlet to outlet. But when we become part of larger outlets, that means we can’t speak to you alone anymore. Sullivan had an enormous reach, but the Dish still felt like it was very much written for a specific group of readers who were a known quantity. That’s a quality I think might be passing from the scene, and the conversation will be different for it.
My bold.

Much of her article is what's really going 'round today, that today marks "the death of the blog." I find that hard to believe - as long as there are computers with internet connections, there will be somebody trying to tell somebody something, to express themselves. The days of sneering at a "blogger" as some pathetic nobody brushing Cheetos dust off his tighty-whities in his parents' basement are over, and Sullivan had a lot to do with that.

Tho I do still believe the name itself is still a problem:
Blogs will never be taken seriously until they're called something else. It's tough to say the word "blog" without throwing up in my mouth a little bit. Which is ironic, cause people saying that something makes them "throw up in my mouth a bit" usually makes me wanna blog about how I sliced their head off and left it in my freezer. "Blog" in and of itself is a goofy word, and blogging as a viable way of communication/entertainment will not be taken seriously until we come up with something else.

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