Friday, January 30, 2015

The Clap

I pretty much haven’t stopped thinking of the Slow-Clap since I posted the one below a few hours ago. Has the “Slow Clap that nobody joins in on” replaced the “Unrequited high-five” as the ultimate embarrassing moment in a man’s life?

On my “Things to Do Before I Die” list, which right now consists entirely of two items:

1) Flip table over in middle of important meeting, yelling “oh, FUCK this!”
2) Get an explanation from Peter Engel at NBC re: not explaining how Kelly and Jesse disappeared, were replaced by Tori and then reappeared again

I would like to add

3) Start off the longest, slowest building Slow Clap. I mean, look at the one below – from first slow clap to full-on frantic clapping is what, 10 seconds? I’m talking about kicking one off and then sloooooooowly building up, taking about 45 minutes before hitting full-on clapping. Everyone slowly folding in, maybe one a minute. Would be amazing. All I ask in this world. - XMASTIME
What's the best slow clap movie? I dunno, but Charles S. Dutton's solo performance in Rudy is certainly a masterpiece. Here's 10 great slow clap movies.

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