Monday, February 23, 2015

A Few Thoughts on This Week's Downton Abbey Because AAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

Robert, who couldn’t sleuth his way out of a paper bag, sniffs out that Marigold is Edith’s because…she looks like Gregson? Someone he hung out with for maybe 10 minutes? Wouldn’t it make more sense, or actual sense, if he was reminded of Edith? For fuck’s sake. Atrocious.
I see they’re running low on money again OH LET ME GUESS Matthew, dead for years now, will receive yet another inheritance.
Oh look, it’s Tony! Of COURSE Tony’s there! Wait, why is Tony there? He even has the wherewithal to ask every time “Am I welcome here?” and still keeps showing up. Of course. Wtf - does this actor have pics of Julian Fellowes micro-penis or something?
We know Violet hate Greek drama, where all the action is off-stage, and yet the only action that DOES seem to make it onstage is the fucking Bates shit and Branson "leaving" for America. Meanwhile, Atticus' proposal, the wedding announcement, Isis dying, Marigold moving into the house etc etc takes place off-camera. Can't we finally open an episode with "ah yes, shame about Bate & Anna being eaten alive by wolfpups. Tally ho!"?

OOOOOOOOOH I see from the previews that my boyfriend from Brideshead Revisited, Matthew Goode, will be appearing in the finale next week! Nom nom nom!!!!

"When's Xmastime getting here?"

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