Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Biscuits! du Jour

This is fucking awesome:
At UNC, a school that's won two national championships in the last decade, the walk-on players develop a following of their own. Students learn their names and make up cheers for them. Bojangles' Chicken and Biscuits, a fast-food chain, runs a promotion when UNC scores more than 100 points at home: two sausage biscuits for $1. Early in the season, as Carolina beats up on an overmatched non-conference opponent, a walk-on usually scores the all-important 100th point as the student section thunders, "We want biscuits! We want biscuits!" The guys know this because they've witnessed it, because some of them have chanted, too. If they can't score the winning basket against Duke, if they can't have their jersey hoisted to the rafters, can they at least get biscuits?
And yes, remninds us all of a younger, but less sexy, Xmastime:
We went through a stretch wherein whenever we'd go to St. Benedict's in Richmond, we'd hit this restaurant called Duffy's which had biscuits that I loooooved. One such Sunday we were standing up to sing some hymn - me of course preparing to spend the next 3 minutes with my lips barely open acting as if there was sound coming out - and as we were standing up my father leaned slightly into me and out of the corner of his mouth like a ventriloquist said "SING for your biscuits, boy!" For one magical Sunday, I belted out the tunes like Aretha under a church tent made out of baked hams. Damn right I got my biscuits. And, of course, spent every Sunday for the next 7 years trying to not get stuck sitting next to Dad in church. If

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