Sunday, February 01, 2015

Heaven & Hell

I don't believe in God or heaven of hell or all that jazz, but this bit re: why Heaven would actually be Hellish is pretty interesting:
6.  Ninety-eight percent of Heaven’s occupants are embryos and toddlers. Human reproduction is designed as a big funnel. Most fertilized eggs die before implanting, followed by embryos and fetuses that self-abort, followed by babies and then little kids. A serious but startling statistical analysis by researcher Greg S. Paul suggests that if we include the “unborn,” more than 98 percent of Heaven’s inhabitants, some 350 billion, would be those who died before maturing to the point that they could voluntarily “accept the gift of salvation.” The vast majority of the heavenly host would be moral automatons or robots, meaning they never had moral autonomy and never chose to be there. Christian believers, ironically, would be a 1 to 2 percent minority even if all 30,000-plus denominations of believers actually made it in.
Sounds like about 350B boring motherfuckers.

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Anonymous said...

If the heavens can hold billions of stars, and space is infinity, then heaven being eternity can handle an infinite number of people quite comfortably. We think in extremely limited terms. Jesus did the work to get you there so why would you want to choose Hell? No one to talk to, all alone except for the demons...why be foolish about that which you do not know anything about? WHY RISK DAMNAITON when you can be forgiven and have a life which is back in sync with the coolest God you could ever imagine. Don't you WANT to see your folks and everyone you LOVE? Jesus is the only WAY. it's TRUE. Read your bible and ask God to come into your precious heart today. <3