Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Absurd Red Carpet

Looks like some folks are starting to notice what pigs we are when it comes to women on the red carpet:
As Hadley Freeman wrote in The Guardian, "This is a strange pocket of the Western world, where it is still deemed utterly acceptable to take smart, successful women and reduce them to beauty pageant contestants."
"But Xmastime", you say in the voice of Craig “Ironhead” Heyward from those soap commercials (RIP), “didn't you call this bullshit eight years ago?"  

Sigh. Yes, faithful readers. Yes I did:
I would think sometimes women get a little fed up with the red carpet treatment; ie dress up in something sheer and sexy, showing your wonder-bra'd rack so that the world can ogle you. You're a brilliant actress/director/producer, you spent a year working on the script working 16-hour days developing a story, you've reached deep into your own soul to pull out emotions you didn't even know you had...and now your shining moment at the end of all this comes when you paint on something that shows us if you wax and you smile your face off while the cameras pop and we all sit back and judge "hot" "not hot" "fat." Do women really like this? I understand wanting to see the fashions, but the parading?

But the best part is I also notice that at some point every woman is asked to turn around, take a spin so we can see the back. What? So she turns around, basically saying "look at my ass." How do we pull this off? Brilliant. No where else can I say "It was nice meeting you, that presentation was great and we'll definitly crunch the numbers, now why don't you take a lil spin so I can check out them hind parts?" I mean, are women okay with this?

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