Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Return of A-Rod

Grantland can't seem to go a day with a post about A-Rod, and now they've cycled to he isn't enough of a dick:
In 2004, Bill Simmons wished for a Kobe Bryant heel turn, and Bryant eventually obliged. If only A-Rod had learned the same lesson. Instead, he’s once again acting contrite, doing inadequate damage control with a handwritten apology that has little chance of changing anyone’s mind. We’ve settled into a cycle where A-Rod does something innocuous, a writer makes it sound selfish, and readers shake their heads at everyone involved. Rodriguez could spend the rest of the spring saving 8-year-olds from oncoming traffic, and people would blame him for trying to cheat death. So why resist the resentment? Why not steer into the scorn?

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