Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kids in Philly at 15

15 years ago today my album of the aughts Kids in Philly was released. I've blathered about it many times before on this blog, including the release show being my first Marah show and how much it meant.

Via Serge's Facebook page:
And so time marches on.
15 years ago today me and my brother's band, Marah, released our second album. It was called 'Kids in Philly' and we made the whole thing in an old Mummer's clubhouse room above Frank's Auto in deep South Philadelphia.
You can live a long, good life if you're real real lucky, but there are always gonna be certain days and nights that stand out to you among the thousands you've left behind. That time of my life was like that. Every day, every night was magic because they were all filled with so much passion and hope and excitement about this music we were making with just a few people tucked away from the world, holed up in a room that felt like some cloud in the sky above a city we loved.
Look, I guess I'm just posting this today because I'm so glad I was in on it. I'm so thankful that my life took me and my brother where it did back then. And I'm so goddamn proud of this music that we made together, not because it sold millions of records or because it made us rich or anything like that, but because it really was us.
And because it still is.
It's carved into our bones and spray-painted on our souls and even if no one ever listens to it again after we are dead and gone and stop reminding people about it, me and him, we will still be two ghosts walking around in the middle of the night somewhere, smoking ghost cigarettes, not saying much, but still inseparable from the music or from each other even in fucking death.
Anyway, whatever. Point is, you could probably listen to a lot worse on a March Saturday afternoon.
Trust me.

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