Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kids in Philly Day

(Originally posted on 3/24/2010)
As women don't talk to me and I'm good at remembering dates, I believe 10 years ago today I saw my favorite band Marah for the first time, at the TLA in Philly for the Kids in Philly release show.

Looking back, I can't believe I even went - although I had heard Cut the Crap, I hadn't even heard Kids in Philly yet, and the number of times I've gone to a show and been blown away by songs I have never heard before still stands at exactly one. They immediately became my favorite band since high school; hell, not to be dramatic, but I had given up ever finding another rock 'n roll band to love. But I did, and it was them. And that KIP tour just kept on giving and giving, from this show to one a few weeks later where they played some tiny restaurant on a stage the size of a small desk, and the owner wouldn't let them quit cuz they were blowing the roof off the joint. Mercury Lounge, when I got kicked out maybe 3 seconds in. It all crested in November, three ridiculously good shows at the Khyber, which also set the look of the album into stone for me when we walked around Philly as surely-made-for-the-movies piles of multi-colored leaves were all around us.

Another highlight of that night 10 years ago today: eating my first real Philly cheesesteak, and then watching Mike Lisk laugh at me for twenty minutes while my nose bled as he somehow took the entire 20 minutes to eat a slice of pizza  :)

I can't find any video of that show, which is till one of my all-time favorites, but here's some tv footage put together when KIP came out. What a fucking album.

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