Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Prison, Rape, Hey It's Wednesday Morning

Ben Carson has nobly taken up the role of "black Tea Party guy so Tea Partiers can claim they're not racist" and everything that leaves his mouth is complete jackassery (tm), but this headline is interesting:

Is it just me, or does he look like he's getting ass-pounded in this picture?

Anyway, I like whenever prison rape comes up because it lets me repost myself wondering why it's so easily accepted as "normal":

5) And while I’m thinking about gay sex, how come we have so readily accepted prison sex? We think of a prison we shrug our shoulders and think ah well, dudes fucking dudes, it’s just the situation they’re in. What is this? These dudes can’t beat off like normal people? Hey, let me tell you something, I’ve gone some LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG stretches without getting laid, and at no point did I start thinking about fucking guys. How does this happen so quickly in prison? Granted, I haven’t taken a shower with 50 dudes in a while, but still. I think maybe part of the male machismo says that we have to prove ourselves as pussyhounds AT ALL COSTS; ie we have to make it look like we’re freaking out over not fucking chicks, that we’re such studs that we’re simply not used to not getting laid every day, and that transcends our not being, you know…attracted to the thought of having a dick in our mouth. Just a theory. I mean come on, you’re in prison cause you held up a 7-11 with a water pistol to get money for some Air Jordans, am I REALLY supposed to believe that on the outside you had a constant stream of amazing trim? Camon. Just once I’d like to hear about prisoners talking like this:

a. Prisoner A: hey Jerry, how long you been here now?
b. Prisoner B: fricking 10 months.
c. Prisoner A: oh man, 10 months with no pussy? Damn!
d. Prisoner B: you know, it hasn’t been a big deal. I jerk off 6 times a day, just like back home. Hey, you done reading that?

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