Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Worlds Colliding!

 From my probably amazing debut novel you can buy HERE:
At least those pleas were based on good intentions; the talking to her cat on the phone thing was just plain nuts.  The only way to wrap those calls up was to break down and actually talk to the cat, whose coaching from my sister on what to say I could perfectly hear in the background  – which wasn’t too difficult since the cat didn’t make a sound and was the only thing in the room less interested in this little pretend conversation than as I was.  To finally end it I’d have to shout “well okay Maggie, could you please put Bridget on the phone?” loudly enough for Bridget to hear me, at which point she’d come back on the phone bubbling on and on about how great it must be for me to talk to my “niece” while I wrestled with the fact that I’d just spent 60 seconds of my life talking to a cat on the phone.  Fucking hell.
Ha! Imagine my happiness upon discovering the same thing played out in one of my newest favorite shows of all time, Only Fools and Horses  :)

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