Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The 5th Beatle

Forgot to give props yesterday to Sir George Martin, who turned 90 years old Sunday. From Xmastime 2009:
One of the odder things about the Beatles is that no other group in history has been so closely associated with its producer (George Martin being the rightful "Fifth Beatle,") and yet said producer is the exact opposite of someone you'd think would click with them - an almost caricature of the button-down, tea at 4pm, don't cause trouble mid-century no-nonsense Englishman who does things by the book only. And it didn't help that he was born looking like he was 180 years old. Seriously, if you didn't already know it, is there any way in hell you could imagine the Beatles working with someone like that throughout every inch of their career?

And this in the midst of the 1960's "don't trust anyone over 30, our-generation-vs-yours, anyone in a suit is a square" doctrine. The kings of the world's cultural youth, the symbols for starting everything over fresh and anew and, although sure they had they whacko young side players doing bizarre stuff (Magic Alex), when it came to actually making the music they did it all with a guy 15 years older than their oldest member who would as soon be seen outside of his house naked as without a necktie.

Great minute-long video of Martin HERE.

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