Wednesday, January 06, 2016

WTF du Jour

The MLB Draft has less of an impact than other leagues, but this is still pretty surprising:
But Griffey already is a lock to make history, as he surprisingly will become the first No. 1 overall draft pick in baseball history to be enshrined in Cooperstown.
Side note: Junior played in the first gme I ever saw at Yankee Stadium and made quite an impact on me:
This article has been kicking around for a while, wondering if having a big dumper is good for a baseball player. It must be, I mean look at A-Rod's ass. And I'll never forget, the first time I ever went to Yankee Stadium Ken Griffey, Jr walked up to the plate, and the first thing I thought was "oh my god, did someone drop a Datsun in the back of his pants?"  And then he hit two out. So.

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