Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Head On vs. Head On

I went with the original but man, what a great question.

Moi, back in 2007:
On a side note, just spent the last hour trying to figger which version of "Head On" I like better, the original or the Pixies? I always thought this was the greatest cover a band from my generation did, like they did in the old days - an earnest, we-love-the-song cover by a contemporary. Is there a better example in the last 20 years of bands who are contemporaries that do such a great cover of the others's song? I'm sure there are, but this one has always meant a lot to me.

I only saw my Dad laugh out loud once: when I played him my tape of Bill Cosby's "Himself", the part about his father farting and blaming it on elephants. A no-nonsense guy for sure, so you can picture his look of utter disappointment upon opening the door to his 17 year old son's room and seeing this fucking loser boo-hooing like a school-girl and moving the needle back over and over again to replay the line "..and the way I feel tonight, I could die and I wouldn't mind..." after being dumped by his first love. Can still see his face - utter shame mixed with the disgust that reads "who just cut one?" Ah well. The things that connect you to songs, right? A great, great song, both versions. I lean towards the original, but the cover is unstoppable.

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