Monday, May 30, 2016

Pretty Amazing.

Tonight I came home, flipped on tv and under my YouTube "you should watch" thing there was a Beatles doc, one I've probably seen 1000x. The cover for A Hard Day's Night featured prominently in the title sequence and suddenly I thought of a cd version of an ep I put out in 1996. I only made a few, to give to radio stations such as the college station at Ole Miss. Honestly, I'd forgotten about it for years/decades. Watching the Beatles doc I laughed, thinking "that was a pretty funny cover." And then an hour later, a Facebook message from Ted Gainey, an Ole Miss music legend who was a DJ at the station at the time sent me this fucking picture. 

How freaky is that time? Wtf. He was also the first (and most like only) person who ever played one of my songs on the radio; suddenly one day I turned on the radio and he was playing Washington Bullets from the record. Of course I freaked the fuck out like anyone else who's ever experienced such a thing. I super-smoothly called the station and he answered, and I coolly asked say, who is this great-sounding band? He said it was a local guy, "I think he works at the Sir Speedy."

What a great freaky surprise to my day, and a great memory :)

(Still PLENTY of vinyl copies available for sale, btw!!)

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