Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Just as with PARIS and LONDON last year, thanks to Brothatime!! I got a chance to visit my family's homeland of Ireland. And not just Ireland, but Dingle - going in of course I knew the place would be beautiful, but I had no idea how much. It was stones and grass and sheep and cows and oh what do you know, here's the ocean. And every 12 feet in town there was a pub, a pub older and more endearing and inviting than any pub you've ever been to.

My pictures can never do it justice, but here's to an amazing week. I can't wait to go back.

Look who's in a cab on his way to Dulles! "I believe I'll honor the European system of not tipping, starting now." 

Of course he's got his reading picked out for the trip. If only, of course, he could read.

Cork Airport - someone's first beer in Ireland! #whatdoyoumeanyoudonthaveBudlight

"Drink our coffee or we will maul you to fucking death."

Tea time in Dingle! Tea in Ireland tastes funny...and makes me end up lying naked on the neighbor's roof trying to figure out the words to How Much Is that Doggie in the Window. How strange.

58 degrees on July 17? No big dig deal. Oh by the way, on a side note, let me ask you something -  WHY THE FUCK DO I NOT LIVE HERE????!!

Ol' Paddy Mac contemplating life at sea. So far, he's come up with...well, nothing.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name, indeed... 

Westernmost point in Ireland, was told I could swim straight to America from here...boy, when you've overstayed your welcome with Irish relatives, you've really accomplished something.

Not sure what the big deal is; same view as from my apartment in DC, just without the passing police sirens trying but failing to drown out the fact that I am naked under my bed with the lights out crying into a tub of Country Crock.

Irish prostitutes: not as hot as I'd imagined. 

And I hadn't quite had enough pints to try the "Sheep & lamb experience."

Waking up view. Not bad but a 7-11 here would be a nice touch, Dingle. #justsayin

"Y'all know me. Know how I earn a livin'."

Nothing could go wrong here.

My bad-ass personalized belt being made while I wait, inscribed, "MAKE AMERICA SOMEWHAT BETTER EACH DAY IF POSSIBLE WHENEVER THE OPPORTUNITY ARISES." #dickmackspub

And here is where I push the bounds of UberX to its absolute limits.

If you've ever wanted to be completely embarrassed to be an American, show up in a foreign country when the 2016 RNC is happening. Wow.

"One day this will all be mine!!! MWA-ha-ha-" (slips, falls down mountain...the sheep get into him good before they find what's left of the body...)

Having a castle named after you is pretty cool until you realize that since it's a castle there will probably be no tv. #suchislife

The heart of the matter.

Heat advisory finally over; quite a panic-stricken 4 minutes in these parts.

Paddy Mac's mobile beer truck. "Buy this beer or my band of comically undersized thugs may decide to make things quite difficult for you."

Ireland was not without its bad breaks.

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