Monday, February 27, 2017

Generic Thoughts from Yesterday's 12,118th Viewing of LOVE ACTUALLY

Wait, what day of the week is this wedding? Everybody else seems to be at work.

Yes, one thing I know about weddings is you can insert entire brass sections into them without anyone noticing.

The porn I've recently watched suggests that stand-in actors for blocking is no longer a job.

Hard to believe a middle-aged married father of young children is attuned to the romantic pinings of an office subordinate.

We all love Bill Nyhgh (sp?) but boy this woulda been a great role for a cranky Johnny Rotten.

Ah, 2003...when people would bring you beautiful women to be at your disposal around the house for no discernible reason.

He's no Trump, but Billy Bob Thornton was great as a gross, embarrassing US president you can't leave alone for two minutes without terrible shit happening.

Hey dipshit - the way to steal your buddy's wife isn't by being a dick to her, it's by planting a dead male hooker in their bed as she's on her way home from work and then "being there for her." Camon bro.

If a father and his son's go-to movie during an emotional crisis is "Titanic", I'm not saying the kid will grow up to be gay. But I am saying the father already is.

You can't argue the results but it's hard to believe he would've picked Milwaukee as the first place to hit in America. 

Can't think of a more insulting movie to women than Love Actually. Any female character serves to either pine for a man, be thought of as fat, or be so poor they hafta have orgies with the first guy they see in a bar to keep warm. Sad!

UPDATE: maybe "Cum in My Doggie Dish, IV" was more insulting to women. Maybe.

 Couldn't he have just quietly handed her a fucking note? Like a bank robber to a bank teller? Wf.

Yes, I too remember being a 10 year-old and my father excitedly wanting to drive me all the way to the airport so I could tell a girl I didn't think knew my name that I loved her.

This little kid Sam has a curiously good grasp on airport layouts.

J'ACCUSE: Richard Curtis borrowed Hugh Grant's "oh, the place really is just around the corner" car scene from the Only Fools and Horses when Rodney met Cassandra.

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