Tuesday, June 27, 2017

50 Years Later

That minute-by-minute breakdown of the world broadcast of All You Need is Love:
0:01 The song began with the orchestra playing "La Marseillaise," the French national anthem. This nod to the global nature of Our World was the best use of non-French use of the song since Casablanca. It also guaranteed that until the end of time, any Olympic medal ceremony where a French athlete wins gold will sound like a Beatles revival.
0:09 The camera panned over to the Beatles, who were surrounded by balloons and flowers. "Love, love, love," they sang. "Love, love, love." The Our World producers' only request of the Beatles' song selection was to "keep it simple so that viewers across the globe will understand." Mission accomplished: The first time Lennon played the song for the other Beatles, at a crawling tempo, Harrison muttered to McCartney, "Well, it's certainly repetitive."

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