Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Def Leppard

As in, time to reassess:
But the band members were no lightweights. In fact, despite their arena-filling sound, they were almost ascetic in their approach to their careers. “Our parents grew up in war-torn England with the Blitz going off trying to kill them and buildings blowing up here and there and they took that value system and instilled it into us,” Collen told Salon in 2015. “The further you get away from that sort of suffering and hard work, the less respect and honor people have in their everyday lives. All the guys in Def Leppard had that same working class background and it was based on those values. Even down to things like not wasting water, because there were rations.”

Perhaps that explains why being perceived as cool wasn’t necessarily on the agenda; being true to themselves, however, always was.
I for one could give a shit about their records but have watched their VH1 movie approximately 9,000 times.

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