Thursday, June 01, 2017


...the making of Sgt. Pepper:
When manager Brian Epstein and EMI Records insisted on new material for a new Beatles double-A-sided single (it would be six months since their last release, an inordinately long period for any rock artists at that time), Martin gave them "Strawberry Fields Forever" and McCartney's sparkling "Penny Lane," recorded around the same time as Lennon's song. The producer later regretted this, feeling he might have lost the cornerstones for the new album. Just the same, the pairing worked beautifully: The two songs were flip-sided memories – one haunted, the other wistful – of a time and place left behind, and for years a myth persisted that the Beatles had intended this new album as an autobiographical exploration of their postwar Liverpool youth. McCartney later disavowed the rumor: "There wasn't any conscious we'll-sit-down-and-remember-our-childhood," he told Mojo in 1995.

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