Monday, July 17, 2017


Thanks to Brothatime!!, I had a great 45th birfday in Boston.

Thanks United but I believe this should actually be named "pretzels."
Best birfday surprise ever - illWill!

Wilson Boys! Running hard, running long, ru-OMG LOOK A GUINNESS!!!!!

Happy Birthday me indeed.


Paddy Mac letting it fly. About 10 20 30 40 feet out of his shooting range.

Unexpected highlight of highlights: touching the parquet. Not a euphemism.

Don't think he's coming, guys. #unionoysterhouse #jfk

Ah, Fenway Park. You old, miserable bastard.
It's true, people: anything can happen. #housedivided

I hate the Sox but this is the best press box in sports.

13th inning. Seriously starting to consider eating the carrot sticks and celery that are left.
 Inning 16. World's Loneliest Sox Fan, watching it all slip away. Get used to it, buddy. #paddymac

One never knows where they'll find true love. 

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