Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sucks du Jour

Ken Singleton is retiring from the Yankees booth after this season:
 Singleton, 70, entering his 17th season as a Yankees analyst for the YES Network, announced on Twitter on Monday that 2018 will be his final season calling games.
“I’ve been playing or talking baseball ever since I was 4 years old,” he wrote. “It’s time for this enjoyable ride to end. Thanks fans for allowing me into your homes & businesses. It’s been my pleasure.”
Good for him, but so sad for those of us who have loved listening to him for two decades.

Some Kenny on Xmastime over the years:
- I love love love Ken Singleton. I wish he announced every single Yankees game; that smooth, laconic delivery easing you through the summer. And here we are 5 games into a 162-game season, and he's already got the line of the year:

"Yankees have the bases loaded with nobody that's snakes on a plane."
- Last night they showed a clip from the Oakland game, and it happened to be Dallas Braden, the pitcher who bitched at A-Rod last week for walking across the mound, and he was getting lit up in the clip they were showing.

Michael Kay: boy, I hope nobody crosses his mound.
Singleton: looks like he needs to worry about people crossing home plate.
- And just now Kay was joking that he'd go online to get ordained as a minister.

Singleton: you can do that?
Kaye: sure you can.
Singleton: what's that, The Church of "What's Happening?!"?
-Some dipshit from the Orioles just struck out for the fifth time today, prompting Michael Kay to say "Well, four strikeouts in a game is the Golden Sombrero, but I don't know what five is."

Ken Singleton: Platinum, baby.
We already miss you, Kenny.

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