Monday, April 16, 2018

Elgin Who?

It absolutely is fascinating how ridiculously  overlooked Elgin Baylor is:
Elgin Baylor’s gotta be the most underappreciated superstar of all time, in basketball or any major sport. The guy was NCAA Final Four MVP and NBA Rookie of the Year. He was First-Team All-NBA 10 times and an NBA All-Star 11 times. Baylor led his team, the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers, in the trifecta of big stats—points, rebounds and assists—in four different seasons, an NBA record broken only this week by LeBron James. He’s still got the record for points in an NBA Finals game (61). His career scoring average (27.4 points per game) is third-best in NBA history, behind only Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain.

Plus, he put that resume together while showcasing an original style and flair that indeed changed the game—nobody played above the rim before Baylor, the inventor of “hang time.”
Yet for all his certifiable greatness and transcendence, Baylor is nowhere near a household name. Don’t believe me? Ask the person next to you if they know Elgin Baylor.
Of course people like me who badgered him for being a shitty NBA exec hasn't exactly helped his case.  :/

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