Monday, June 09, 2008

Whether You Need It Or Not, Baby

The summer after 9th grade I got a job cutting the grass at the local DMV. It was a TINY square of grass that took maybe 15 minutes to cut. I got $10 to cut it every Saturday, and of course after about one Saturday the scorching heat completely killed the grass, so there was nothing to cut. But I'd still show up every week, go thru the motions and walk in to collect my ten fat ones. The lady would always be a little confused, "gee, did it really need it this week?" to which I'd look like she was ridiculous "oh yeah, yeah it really did" and then take my ten bucks to invest in some little-known company at the time called "Google." Whether that damn grass needed it or not, I was there.

I thought of this cause apparently Jessica Alba had her baby. Boy, you KNOW that gynecologist is gonna miss those visits; I bet the dude is scheduling "checkups" for her like crazy!! "Doctor, it's been 3 years now, do I really hafta come back every week? AGAIN with the CHIANTI?"

Just occured to know what's missing to make "Alba" an anagram of "labia"?

I am.

beeeeeeepity beep.

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