Tuesday, July 15, 2008


GrizzaDay (n) - July 13, the day between Mamalizza and Xmastime's birfdays. Also: excuse to eat a whole ice cream cake guilt-free.

The First Annual GrizzaDay ice cream cake!

Who am I fucking kidding…me, with an ice cream cake handy? Could be any day of the year. Sigh.

Lil Bear, Husky and Short Bus watch my old home movies. “Acid wash jeans? How old IS this motherfucker??!?!!”

Husky at Defcon 2: someone has opened a bag of chips within 6 blocks.

Cherry Bomb and I doing our “act”: I do funny voices as if it’s her talking and she…

remains completely expressionless. A tough crowd. You should see our rehearsals: totally depressing.

Left to right: “Hahaah! This is fun!” “Peace!” “The last time I smiled was when FDR died.”

Me & Cherry Bomb gossiping; aka "shit-talking." I talk outta the corner of my mouth about people at the party while she stares at my amazing beard, wanting to ask "Xmas, did a sweater throw up on your face?"

Kdawggy gives her best "ewwww...I slept with that?" look. Oh, you KNOW I've gotten that look a lot from the womens!! Well. I would've. Sigh.

I would throw myself in front of a bus for Lil Bear. We know this. But I've spent the last 20 minutes staring at this picture, FURIOUS!!! thinking that was a Chicken McNugget in his hand - "this little shit shows up with McNuggets and doesn't fucking give me any?!!?!?! Fuck him! We are done, you are NO GODSON TO ME!!!" Crisis averted - it's a nacho. Shew.

Xmas, Cherry Bomb and Mamalizza. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid back, stone cold C H I L L I N...

...until somebody cuts one. Jesus. Who brings boiled peanuts to a party???


Bridgette said...

Looks like it was Cherry Bomb. LOL

fashion herald said...

dude, acid wash is cool again.

retotted said...

You're welcome

Nerdhappy said...

I guess the petition to name it Lireg Day just didnt have the support it needed.

Gina said...

OMG, it's Colin Firth and the Duchess of York! And a cute little peanut.Aw...happy belated Birthdays.!