Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jesus, How Much Can Marley NOT Rock in One Photo?

1) Acoustic guitar = not rocking
2) No drummer = not rocking
3) Playing with dude who's over 25 and isn't a movie star who's wearing sunglasses = not rocking
4) Wearing shorts = not rocking
5) Wearing shorts that are obviously Dockers = REALLY not rocking
6) Playing outside = not rocking
7) Playing during the day = not rocking
8) Playing with SUVs in sight = not rocking
9) Staring pensively at the ground along with your partner = not rocking
10) Playing with dude who has his shirt tucked in = not rocking
11) Playing with dude who has his polo knit shit tucked in = not rocking

It's official, Marley: YOU, sir, do not rock!!!


Marley said...

Old Navy t-shirt.

Checkmate, Mr. Bond.

Xmastime said...

I didn't wanna bring it up ;)