Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Prior to playing in The Kittners together, Jeff Larroca was the bass player for a few years with the Harrisonburg, Virginia super group DT & the Shakes, fronted by Will Croxton for perhaps too long. Below is footage of a DT reunion gig at Cardinal Point Winery a few years back, where Larroca was called up to contribute to a single song even though . . .
a) he played on the only good disc the group put out;
b) he was the one who taught Michael Stipe to turn his back to the crowd; and, 
c) he saved the life of DT's lead guitarist Bob Craver not once, but twice, in 'Nam
You'll notice that Croxton mentions he has a "broken leg." In fact, it's gout.
DT & the Shakes "Seconds"
reunion vid featuring Hits-era bassist Jeff Larroca on guitar. Seconds!
Length: ‎3:52
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