Friday, February 01, 2013

Housework, Schmousework

Over the years, as you know, I've called bullshit on the whole "women would fuck their men more iof dudes did more housework", a myth I presume to be (rather cleverly, I must say) promulgated by chicks who just didn't wanna do all  the got dam housework. And now there's a report out validating that Xmastime is, sur-PRISE surprise, right as fucking always.

So get back in the kitchen, beyotch!!!

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps there are in existence today a few dudes that would prefer to do the housekeeping, and still others who would prefer it to...the marriage act?

Do you believe that after most women marry and begin to look more like farm animals, and if so whether this could account for the reported decrease in marital bliss among their partners?