Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Williamsburg Duh du Jour

Like anybody I guess, I assumed New York City began the second I walked in, and would disappear the moment I left. Just now I walked by my freight elevator, where a kid in his early 20's wearing a Yeah Yeah Yeahs t-shirt was excitedly loading in boxes from what looked like his parents' minivan. - XMASTIME
Finally,. a documentary about the gentrification of Williamsburg:
With a winning combination of wit, anger, and political savvy, filmmaker Su Friedrich and co-writer Cathy Quinlan record how the neighborhood has changed from when they arrived in 1989 to the rich-hipster haven it has become. Friedrich casts a jaundiced eye on the sleek granite kitchen counters featured at the condo openings she attends; she paints graffiti on construction fences (“Artists Used To Live Here”) and comments wryly on her new neighbors (“What’s with all the fancy dogs?”).
My leaving Williamsburg. 

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