Saturday, June 21, 2014


Moi ICI:

4) Sometimes I wonder if I use things 100% wrong, the complete opposite of the way every other person does it. What if I stand in the shower wrong? For all I know everyone else stands sideways, or on one foot. Maybe the inventor of the toilet is looking down on me, horrified that I’m somehow not doing it correctly. Although I guess my college girlfriend would’ve told me; god knows she’d follow me in the can every time I had to release a small child. Wanna chat, have a big talk all of a sudden. “For fuck’s sake” I’d yell at her, “get out; I don’t even wanna be here for this!!!” Fucking hell.
Apparently, we've all been cutting birthday cakes wrong. Well, if you're the only one eating it, which is just fucking sad and means you've got bigger problems than being wrong in the cake-cutting department.

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