Monday, July 07, 2014

America. Still Lagging Behind.

In some countries, 2+2=5 is not given as much credence as 2+2=4 simply for being mentioned.- XMASTIME
The BBC is doing what America needs to do, refusing to give crackpots equal air time in the interests of "fair and balanced":
In other subjects, it’s possible for honest people with different values to come down on different sides of a debate. But when it comes to science, especially firmly established and consensually agreed-upon science, putting on some crackpot who disagrees is not “fair and balanced.”
News shows don’t put on a flat-earther whenever they show a map. They don’t get an opposing opinion from a young-Earth creationist when a new dinosaur fossil is found. They don’t interview an astrologer when a new exoplanet is discovered. So why put on a climate change denier when we’re talking about our planet heating up?

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