Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Do You Remember Rock 'n Roll Radio?

Do You Remember Rock 'n Roll Radio? – The Ramones
The greatest band at their best. Another one of those “how was this not the biggest song in the world?” songs. Combines everything great about rock n roll: amazing bass, thrilling horns and words that reflect the past while asking for more from today and tomorrow. Perfection at it’s best. Phil Spector meeting his beloved Wall of Sound. - XMASTIME
FINALLY, someone catches up to me: The Onion's AV Club on what should be the biggest hit of my lifetime:
Seven months after “Rock ’N’ Roll Radio” was released as a single, John Lennon died. In a sense, so did the spirit of the Ramones. Joey had recorded an album with Spector, a producer of The Beatles, and it had flopped. Or at least it had failed to be the game-changer he’d hoped it would be. “At that point, I knew, I finally accepted, that we wouldn’t sell any records,” says Johnny in End Of The Century. “Accept it. This is your spot in life.” The Ramones went on to record many albums. None of them were great, but each of them sported at least a handful of excellent songs. One thing the band never did, though, was revisit the Spector shimmer of “Rock ’N’ Roll Radio.”
Which, of course, makes no fucking sense. They were made for each other.

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