Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Ralph Malph Was the Greatest

I just overheard someone say "the flip side", which made me flash to that scene in Happy Days when they're performing some sort of exorcism on Al to remove a curse he thinks has been cast upon him, and Ralph Malph delivers what I consider to be the greatest line in Happy Days' history: "the flipside, oh fiendish one!"  Been killing me for two decades . Unfortunately, can't find the fucking video :(

Here's how Happy Days ranked in some "Best High School Tv Shows" list back in 2009:
15. Happy Days – how is this so low….an American Institution!! Favorite moments were always Ralph Malph; in particular when he wouldn’t come outta the locker for the rumble in the gym. What can you say about Happy Days? One of thsoe shows that had 400 episodes, and you can't actually remember a single one of 'em. Should have it's own channel.
Mrs. Xmastimes: Maybe Joanie for a brief moment in the end…the Tuscadero chicks. A surprising paucity, must say. Hmm…did I just write my own epitaph? “Here lies Xmastime…a Surprising Paucity.”

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Elizabeth Gaucher said...

I just Googled those classic lines and got your blog! Been killing me too. Still say it. Just said it in response to someone's request to "post the 2nd to last text you sent." Thank you!