Monday, July 07, 2014

More Pleased to meet Me

Can’t Hardly Wait (Tim version) – The Replacements
Rocking, rollicking, heartbreaking, will never understand why they later went with the wimpier version for it’s official release. Supposedly it was because the song’s about suicide; am I the only one to have since figured out that they pussified the lyrics to stick on a later album which featured a song (“The Ledge”) about…suicide. Christ. And if this had made Tim, there would be no doubts possible about what the single greatest album of all time was. - XMASTIME
Every version of Can't Hardly Wait is great - the Tim version is on my short list of best songs ever. BUT SERIOUSLY, How many version of Can't Hardly Wait are there out there? There's the album version. The (best version) Tim version. There's the acoustic version. There's versions with horns, without horns, with/without strings. Then there's another version that's a mix of the Tim and album version. Sounds more like a demo than an "alternative version" as it's listed.But still cranks (duh.)

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